Best body exfoliating mitts, gloves and cloths for super smooth skin

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For an exfoliation like no other, look to body scrubbing mitts and gloves, recommended by Stylist’s beauty director, Shannon Peter.

Don’t get me wrong: I love a body scrub as much as the next perpetually dry-limbed person. Super coarse, salty grains submerged in rich, unctuous oils? Give me more. Clever body scrub bars that flick away dead skin cells? I’m obsessed. But in my ongoing mission to optimise my body skincare routine, I’ve realised that for skin so smooth it practically gleams, the best body scrub isn’t actually a body scrub at all. It’s an exfoliating mitt.

Quite simply, exfoliating mitts and body scrubbing gloves are like flannels made from rough fibres that, when buffed over the body, dislodge stubborn dead skin cells. Unlike traditional body exfoliators, in which most of the grains (and thus most of the exfoliating power) end up on the shower floor, exfoliating mitts are more efficient and offer more control. Plus, the scrubbing sensation is ridiculously satisfying.

Better still, they tend to be pretty affordable (although more luxe versions do exist) and with proper care (i.e. allowing them to properly dry after each use and popping in the washing machine regularly), can last for ages pushing the cost-per-scrub ratio into the pennies.

Sure, I love an exfoliating glove for all of the above, but the real reason? The results. I swear I’ve never had such smooth, soft skin since I started using one.

I tend to use mine in the shower, applying shower gel and then using the glove to work it into a frothy lather. Sometimes, though, if I have a particularly rough patch of skin, I’ll use it alongside my favourite body scrub as a double whammy. And it’s always best to follow with a body lotion to replenish skin’s moisture levels.

However, as with most beauty inventions, not all body scrubbing gloves were created equally. Plus, the spectrum of gloves has grown massively too, with all kinds of mitts, towels and cloths now available. I’ve listed all my favourites below.

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Recommended by Shannon Peter