best korean skincare products

Best Korean skincare products for a healthier, hydrated complexion

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Alongside quirky packaging, K-beauty has cemented its reputation for forward-thinking formulas. Here, we round up the Korean skincare products worth trying.

When it comes to skincare, east Asia continues to be at the forefront of innovative formulas and quirky packaging.

In fact, Korean skincare in particular has boomed over the years and, as a result, countless trends have been influenced by K-beauty. So much so, there are bound to be K-beauty-inspired products in your skincare line-up.

One of the biggest reasons behind the hype is the results-driven and sometimes unusual ingredients. Alongside snail slime and pig collagen, there’s yuzu, a fruit that contains three times more vitamin C than any other citrus and watermelon, a soothing ingredient that has been favoured in Korea for many years.

However, Korean skincare products are often packaged up in fun, quirky bottles and boxes, making it difficult to separate the effective formulas K-beauty is praised for from the straight up fads.

So, we’ve rounded up the Korean skincare products worth trying; from egg protein toners to rubber face masks inspired by cryotherapy.

Best Korean skincare products

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