Best make-up removers and cleansers to melt away waterproof and stubborn formulas

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Ever taken the time to remove your make-up, only to find remnants of it left behind on your pillowcase the next morning? Here are the formulas and tools that effectively break down stubborn formulas without irritating your skin.

Okay, this year may have seen us relegate make-up to the “absolutely cannot be bothered” category from time to time but this festive season is the perfect time to dust off your products.

From sparkly eyes and dramatic lashes to shimmery highlighter and classic red lipsticks, there’s plenty of joy to be found within your beauty stash – even if you do plan to spend the day in your pyjamas.

If you do decide to dive back into your cosmetics bag, it’s important you have the right products at hand to remove your make-up at the end of the day. Here, we run through the clever creams, gels, balms, waters and tools that will help to break down even the most stubborn of make-up formulas without irritating your skin.

Best eye make-up removers for stubborn mascara

Some cleansers can sting the eyes. To avoid this, use an eye make-up remover that is specifically formulated to avoid irritating them. To minimise tugging and pulling on your sensitive eye area, soak a reusable cotton pad with your chosen eye make-up remover and hold it over your closed eyelids for a few seconds. This will break down your eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and make it easier to remove in one (sometimes two) gentle swipes.

Best cleansers to remove make-up

Double cleansing your skin is a sure-fire way to ensure that it is properly clean. Start by finding a formula that will cut through and melt your make-up with ease, such as a cleansing balm. Further aid their make-up-removing benefits with one of the tools listed further below.

Best cleansers to soothe and nourish skin

Removing make-up can leave your skin feeling slightly irritated, as if you’ve been tugging away at your skin. For your second cleanse, focus on a cleanser that has skin-boosting ingredients such as ceramides and glycerin. Work these around your face for at least a minute to allow the ingredients to get to work.

Best tools to remove make-up

When removing make-up, simply washing off your cleanser won’t be effective enough for getting rid of base products like foundation and concealer. Here are some tools that help to make make-up removal easier, quicker and more gentle on your skin…

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