Multi-ingredient skincare: 9 clever products that combine skincare’s most popular ingredients for an extra boost

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Some of skincare’s most recent launches involve combining the industry’s most sought-after ingredients into one formula. Here, we run through the new wave of multi-ingredient skincare.

Gone are the days of long, elaborate skincare routines. Now, we know that the key to clear, healthy skin lies in taking a sufficient amount of time to cleanse, effective ingredients and proper protection (hello, SPF). And to help make those routines as effective and efficient as possible, brands are helping us cut out the need for multiple steps and layering numerous formulas.

Enter: multi-ingredient skincare. A new wave of skincare launches are taking some of the skincare industry’s most popular ingredients (think retinol, vitamin C, CBD, niacinamide) and pairing them up in formulas in an attempt to help them compliment each other – and give your skin a boost along the way.

Here, we run through the multi-ingredient skincare products that could help to save you time.

Best skincare products with multi-ingredients

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