Best fragranced hand sanitisers that smell as good as your favourite perfume

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Much like hand washes and creams, hand sanitisers have gotten fancy. Here, we round up the formulas that actually smell nice.

Over the last year, hand sanitisers have earned a firm place in our handbags alongside our wallets and house keys. But with them often comes the unpleasantly strong smell of alcohol and sticky residue.

Thankfully, more and more brands have hit their labs to develop a new wave of hand sanitisers that not only deliver a thorough cleanse but leave our hands smelling great, too.

Here, we pick our favourite fragranced hand sanitisers – all of which have an alcohol content of 60% or above, the recommended amount from the World Health Organisation.

  • Sanctuary Spa Antibacterial Hand Gel Spray


    Bergamot, citrus fruit, rose, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood… sounds like a fancy candle, right? But all of these scents make up Sanctuary Spa’s hand sanitiser – enough to mask the strong scent you’d usually get from its 70% alcohol content. Plus, the spray-on packaging makes it fuss-free and safe.

    Shop Sanctuary Spa Antibacterial Hand Gel Spray at lookfantastic, £4 for 100ml

  • this works Stress Check Clean Hands Gel


    We don’t need to tell you how drying hand sanitisers can be, but this one is different. It contains hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the skin, while an essential oil blend of lavender, camomile and neroli help soothe your skin and mind.

    Shop this works Stress Check Clean Hands Gel at lookfantastic, £15 for 500ml

  • Purdy & Figg Original Citrus Hand Sanitiser Spray


    As well as keeping hands clean and moisturised, this Purdy & Figg hand sanitiser is infused with pink grapefruit, sweet orange and niaouli flower. Every time you spritz it onto your hands, the scent will deliver an uplifting boost to your day.

    What’s more, this hand sanitiser comes in a chic blue glass bottle, making the perfect addition to your (office or home) desk.

    Shop Purdy & Figg Original Citrus Hand Sanitiser Spray at The Drop, £16.99 for three 50ml bottles

  • Espa Bergamot & Jasmine No Rinse Hand Cleanser

    Espa Bergamot Jasmine No Rinse Hand Cleanser

    If you’re a fan of Espa’s cult bath and body products, you’ll love this hand sanitiser. It’s scented with bergamot and jasmine essential oils to delicately fragrance your skin. Plus, it has a 60% alcohol base to ensure your hands are thoroughly cleaned after use.

    Shop Espa Bergamot & Jasmine No Rinse Hand Cleanser at lookfantastic, £6 for 75ml

  • Molton Brown Hand Sanitiser Gel in Rhubarb & Rose

    Molton Brown Hand Sanitiser Gel in Rhubarb Rose

    Molton Brown has taken some of its most popular scents (Rhubarb & Rose, Orange & Bergamot and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel) and added them to their 64.7% alcohol-based formula. This particular scent contains notes of rhubarb, grapefruit, lemongrass, spearmint and vanilla – and yes, it’s as dreamy as it sounds.

    Shop Molton Brown Hand Sanitiser Gel in Rhubarb & Rose at Cult Beauty, £10 for 100ml

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