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9 best cryotherapy tools: from facial rollers to ice globes and cooling gel masks

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For instant relief from heatwave-induced tension, overheating and skin issues.

Summer is undoubtedly a time of great joy. There’s more sunlight, more opportunity to be outside and a general levity to weekends and evenings. However, if you’re anything like me, the higher temperatures come hand in hand with feeling that smidge more irritable. Between the stickiness of rushing around in hot weather to those tendrils of damp hair stuck to the back of my neck and forehead, I feel close to wanting to lock myself inside a fridge and stay there until September. 

However, that’s not feasible and my fridge doesn’t want me to live inside it. The next best thing? Reusable chilled and cooling skincare tools that immediately take the edge off the heat. Not only that but they have myriad benefits, too. Cryotherapy masks, facial rollers and ice globes all help to improve circulation in the skin, move lymph fluid and water retention to where it can be drained (also known as de-puffing) and release tension located in the temples, jaw, forehead and cheeks. 

“There are a number of benefits to using cold tools,” Dr Elizabeth Hawkes, oculoplastic and ophthalmic surgeon tells Stylist. “Used correctly, they can minimise inflammation and puffiness – especially in the morning – as well as helping lymphatic drainage and sinus pressure. Plus, they offer benefits for the skin by reducing redness and kick-starting the circulation, which gives skin a radiant glow.”

Here are the nine best cryotherapy tools I think you should know about, just in time for the thermometer to skyrocket. 

  • NewGo Reusable Cooling Gel Eye Mask

    best cryotherapy gel eye mask

    At under £9, this is one of the most used and effective items in my entire skincare line-up. The small gel beads gently contour to the shape of your eyes and nose and hold their coolness, helping to mitigate sore hay fever eyes, puffiness induced by lack of sleep and pesky headaches. 

    Shop NewGo Reusable Cooling Gel Eye Mask, £8.99

  • Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes

    best cryotherapy tools Fraicheur ice globes

    Filled with anti-freeze liquid, pop these ice globes in your freezer for 20 minutes and then glide over your face. I like to run them very quickly under lukewarm water to take off the top layer of ice-cold condensation – the added slip from the water helps them to slide over the face with more consistency and minimal tugging. 

    Simple and straight-forward to use, the act of gliding them up and over the forehead, eye orbit and jaw can help to release tension and soothe the skin.

    Shop Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes at Cult Beauty, £59.99

  • Kitsch Ice Face Roller

    best cryotherapy tools Kitsch

    Much larger than most facial rollers, this Kitsch gem has regularly been used by my loved ones, accompanied almost immediately by “Ahhhh” noises of instant relaxation. 

    Best kept in the fridge, it helps to improve circulation, calm irritation and aid lymphatic drainage. Plus, the larger roller works wonders on tight neck and shoulder muscles, too.

    Shop Kitsch Ice Face Roller at Cult Beauty, £14

  • Nurse Jamie Super-Cryo Massaging Orb

    best cryotherapy tools nurse jamie

    Created by A-list skin expert Nurse Jamie (a real person and registered nurse), this cryo-orb is designed to be used on the face, neck, chest and body to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. 

    As it can be used as a cold or hot tool, it’s a multipurpose gem to keep on hand – I like it most for jaw and temple tension. 

    Shop Nurse Jamie Super-Cryo Massaging Orb at Cult Beauty, Mini £14 or Large £36

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