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Glossier launches its new Cleanser Concentrate – here’s what happened when we tried it

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Glossier has released Cleanser Concentrate, a new clarifying cleanser, and it’s packed with sensitive skin-friendly ingredients. Here’s what happened when we tried it.

Much like SPF, an effective cleanser is a staple to any skincare routine.

As well as melting away make-up and sunscreen, a good cleanser works to pull away pollution, grime, excess oil production and dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface. By doing this, cleansers also reduce the risk of breakouts and damage to the skin by environmental factors. This leads to better results from the rest of your skincare products, as a clean base allows formulas to better penetrate skin. And Glossier’s latest innovation helps with all of that.

Glossier’s Cleanser Concentrate, £18, is a clarifying face wash, designed to give skin a satisfying, deep clean without leaving behind that tight, ‘squeaky clean’ feeling. It has an impressive list of vegan ingredients that work to cleanse, nourish, protect and exfoliate skin.

Glossier Cleanser Concentrate bottle

This includes antioxidant-rich grapes that brighten your complexion, amino acid surfactants to sweep away dirt without stripping the skin of too much moisture and calendula and chamomile, two soothing ingredients that protect skin against free radical damage and keep skin moisturised.

But, as I mentioned, it gives skin gentle exfoliation, too – something that is particularly handy to help slough away dead skin cells – while keeping all skin types in mind. An AHA blend of lactic and malic acid (both known for their sensitive skin-friendly properties) leave skin smoother, while passion fruit extracts condition and nourish skin.

Now that I’ve gone through the rundown: how does it actually perform and feel on skin?

Glossier Cleanser Concentrate formula

Let’s start with first impressions. Glossier is a brand known for its aesthetics and, at first glance, this cleanser lives up to the rest of the brand’s Instagram-worthy line-up. The recyclable glass bottle contains a gorgeous amber-hued formula that’ll look pretty on any bathroom shelf.

Two bottles of Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

Now, into the actual cleanser itself. Glossier’s instructions recommend applying the cleanser onto wet skin to help activate its ingredients. I took two pumps in the palm of hand and began massaging it all over my face. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the formula is fragrance-free, meaning less there’s chance of sensitising, irritation or a reaction for those with more sensitive skin types.

Another interesting selling point of the cleanser is Glossier’s claim that it gets everything done in 60 seconds. I was actually pretty happy to see the brand drawing attention to a time frame, especially as many dermatologists and skin experts say you should cleanse your face for at least 60 seconds to sufficiently break down make-up, SPF and dirt.

Close-up shot of Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

As I continued to massage the cleanser around my face, the formula began to emulsify very slightly. One of my pet peeves with cleansers is when a formula emulsifies or foams so much that it begins dripping down my chin or trickling along your forearm – but that doesn’t happen with this one. Once the minute was up, I rinsed the cleanser away with lukewarm water and patted my face dry.

A woman using Glossier Cleanser Concentrate

After my first time using it alone, my skin felt a lot smoother and I was so pleased to discover it didn’t leave my face feeling tight at all. A couple of weeks later and this cleanser is something I’ve reached for everyday.

Alongside my regular skincare routine, it has helped make my skin look clearer, feel softer and gives my skin a good base before I start slathering on my serums and moisturiser. Those 60 seconds are quickly becoming one of the most important – and enjoyable – parts in my skincare routine.

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