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Hello Sunday: we tried this new SPF brand before anywhere else. Here’s what we’d recommend

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Hello Sunday is the trendy new SPF brand offering practical and (dare we say it) enjoyable sunscreen formulas for everything from your face to your hands. In a Stylist exclusive, we were the first to try out the new range and below, you’ll find the products our beauty team would recommend

You know, I know: we all need to wear SPF all year round, not just when the sun is at its most glorious. The problem is, finding sunscreen formulas that you actually want to wear day in, day out is actually a pretty tricky feat. That’s why my interest was well and firmly piqued when we first heard about the new sun care brand on the block, Hello Sunday. 

Launching this weekend on Cult Beauty and its own website, the brand promises to take all the headache out of wearing sunscreen. How? By offering practical, user-friendly formulas that address all your regular SPF bugbears and then some.

For me, the worst part about wearing sunscreen is the texture: so many formulas can be tacky, greasy or even flaky. But we’re always bombarded with SPF questions around finding sunscreens that don’t turn skin grey and ashy, or ones that don’t appear yellow. Then there’s also the issue of tenacity. Is the formula strong enough to last the few hours it’s supposed to? And will it go clumpy or gross when I reapply it later on in the day? Does it sit well under make-up?

These are all the kind of concerns that Hello Sunday has pledged to address with its new products. They promise to be featherweight, a joy to apply and wear come rain and/or shine, and fit into your routine no matter how simple or convoluted it may be. 

But can it live up to those promises? Luckily for us (and subsequently, for you), the Stylist beauty team managed to wangle a first look at all the formulas before anyone else, so we can give you our totally honest opinions just in time for them to hit virtual shelves today. Below, you’ll find our thoughts on our favourite products from the range.

The Stylist beauty team’s Hello Sunday reviews

  • The SPF drops

    Hello Sunday the one that's a serum SPF drops
    Drop Hello Sunday's the one that's a serum into your favourite moisturiser for added SPF protection

    Tested by: Lucy Partington, beauty editor

    “Despite never shutting up about the importance of SPF, I’m actually quite picky about the formulas that make it into my own everyday stash. I like something lightweight, non-greasy, non-oily and that will absorb quickly – and, importantly, that will sit well under makeup and on top of the rest of my skincare (usually a hydrating serum and an antioxidant) without pilling. Luckily, these Day Drops tick all those boxes, with added blue light protection (which is great for the long days spent in front of my computer screen) as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration, and calming aloe vera. The brand says you can even add it into a serum or mix it into your foundation or moisturiser, but I always worry I won’t use enough so I use it as it is and it really works for me. I’m a big fan.

    Shop Hello Sunday the one that’s a serum Day Drops SPF45 at Cult Beauty, £20

  • The lip balm

    Hello Sunday the one for your lips SPF lip balm
    Hello Sunday the one for your lips is a hydrating lip balm with added sun protection

    Tested by Shannon Peter, beauty director

    “I have to admit, when it comes to SPF, I often forget my lips but in a bid to get even more serious about suncare this year, I’ve been on a mission to find a protective lip balm that doesn’t feel sticky, gloopy or taste gross. And in Hello Sunday’s new formula, I’ve found just that. And for only a fiver!

    “In texture, it feels just like my beloved Kiehl’s No1 Lip Balm, £10, in that it’s rich, balmy and oil-laden – just what my flaky lips need. And it tastes just like sunscreen. Not in a gross, chemical way, more like a jasmine-scented, tastes-like-beach-holidays-smell kind of way. I plan on taking it everywhere with me this summer.”

    Shop Hello Sunday the one for your lips Lip Balm SPF 50 at Cult Beauty, £5

  • The primer

    Hello Sunday the one that's got it all Sun Primer SPF 50
    Hello Sunday the one that's got it all Sun Primer SPF 50 offers sun protection for the face

    Tested by: Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

    “I don’t often wear primers but when I read the description for this one, it seemed to tick all the boxes. SPF 50 to shield against UVA and UVB rays, check. Protection against damaging blue light, check. Sweat and water-resistant, check. The only thing left to do was see how it wore under make-up. I was surprised that the formula took on a balmy, almost silicone-like consistency. Despite its thicker texture, it still felt lightweight on my skin, left it feeling smoother and sat nicely under foundation. However, I feel it’s worth saying: you should still always apply a separate SPF as you may not be applying enough of this primer to get proper sun protection all over your face.”

    Shop Hello Sunday the one that’s got it all Sun Primer SPF 50 at Cult Beauty, £20

  • The body lotion

    Hello Sunday Body Lotion SPF 50
    Hello Sunday Body Lotion contains a sturdy SPF 50 to protect limbs from UV rays

    Tested by: Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

    “When I think of body lotion SPFs, my mind goes to thick, plaster-like formulas that don’t sink in, no matter how much I rub. So, I often go for oils and sprays – but this one is different. Hello Sunday’s Body Lotion SPF50 comes out of the tube bright white but once applied, it sinks in quickly. As well as being packed with skin-beneficial ingredients like moisturising hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C (which also shields skin against free radicals) and calming aloe vera; the formula is so lightweight and leaves a subtle, healthy-looking sheen. But my favourite part? It’s delicately scented with lime, geranium and mint. Holidays can’t come soon enough.”

    Shop Hello Sunday the essential one Body Lotion SPF 50 at Hello Sunday, £16

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