Everything you need to know about facial massage

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Consider facial massage as the ideal way to wind down after a long day – here’s the low-down on what it does and how to make it work for you…     

If, over the last 18 months or so, you’ve found yourself ramping up your skincare routine, you’re not alone. 

The impact of the pandemic – and endless Zoom calls – means we all seemingly have a much more vested interest. 

We’re all desperate to find ways of winding down after another long day of staring at the screen, ways of trying to signal the start and end of the working day, as well as ways of trying to combat the (seemingly endless) puffiness that seems to be making a more regular appearance than ever before – or is that just us?

Of course, it’s all well and good incorporating different products, but actually, incorporating facial massage into your night-time routine can work wonders in itself. 

A technique adopted by facialists and skincare experts alike, it helps stimulate blood flow as well as working to release tension and tightness – and it’s something that just about everybody can benefit from.

Whether you have two minutes or 20, here’s everything you need to know about facial massage and how to incorporate it into your routine. Once you start, you won’t look back – we guarantee it. Consider it your very own home facial. 

  • 1. What exactly is facial massage and who can benefit from it?

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    “It’s the ritual of applying certain movements or stimulating specific pressure points on the face, neck and décolléte,” says Katharine Mackenzie Paterson, Decléor’s facial ambassador.

    “It works to help stimulate blood flow as well as promoting lymphatic drainage, while also easing any tension and tightness in our muscles.”

    Sounds satisfying, right? And the best thing is that it’s suitable for just about everybody.

    “All skin types and ages can benefit from facial massage, although it’s worth noting that if you have severe skin conditions, like broken skin, severe acne or extremely irritated skin, then it’s best avoided,” says Paterson.

  • 2. What are the main benefits of facial massage?

    Woman massaging face

    There really are a plethora of benefits, and Paterson agrees. 

    “First, there’s the ritualistic aspect of it – using it as an excuse to take some time for yourself and create a moment of connection and self-care – something that’s more vital than ever, especially with our busy lives,” she says.

    Then there are the skin benefits to take into account. 

    “Facial massage is great for stimulating the blood flow in the skin. In turn this can stimulate collagen production, levels of which sadly start to decline when we turn 20. It can also boost the lymphatic drainage system, which is important for waste removal,” explains Paterson. 

    “Sluggish lymphs can contribute to puffiness in skin, so the act of facial massage can help to push out any swelling – and as a result, gives you more definition. 

    “You can also work on tight muscles, so if you suffer from tension headaches you’ll really feel the benefits.”

    So really, incorporating it is a win-win situation – especially when you can expect to see glowing, rested and sculpted skin, with results that can happen after just a few minutes of facial massage. 

  • 3. The best products for at-home facial massage

    Decleor products

    Another great thing about facial massage is that you don’t need masses of products – just a great balm or oil is enough, something that will give you enough slip and slide to work with.

    “My go-to products for facial massage are Decléor’s Green Mandarin Aromessence Glow Serum, along with the Green Mandarin Aromessence Night Balm

    “I’ve used those products for years, both at home and at my salon – KMP Skin. They are both 100% natural origin and are enriched with essential oils,” says Paterson.

    If it’s hydration and glow you’re after, Aromessence Green Mandarin Glow Serum is perfect for achieving just that. 

    “It’s great for using in the morning as it’s not too heavy. Use three to four drops in the palm of your hand and the energising blend of sweet orange and mandarin oils really help to wake you up while hydrating the skin,” Paterson explains. 

    “But if you’re somebody who’d prefer to take some time out in the evenings, Decélor’s Night Balms are the perfect massage companion. 

    “They’re made using 100% natural origin ingredients and they include both bee and carnauba wax in a hydrating formula that forms an occlusive barrier on skin – meaning they will drip-feed skin throughout the night with constant moisture.”

  • 4. How to give yourself an at-home facial massage

    Two women doing skincare routine

    First things first, it’s always best to do facial massage on cleansed skin – so either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. You also don’t need anything apart from your fingers and a product that’ll give you a slip to the skin – important because you don’t want to end up dragging skin.

    When you’re ready to start, take a few drops of Decléor Green Mandarin Aromessence Glow Serum or a pea-sized amount of Green Mandarin Night Balm and gently rub palms together to warm up the product and to evenly distribute it.

    Take your hands up to your face, taking a few deep breaths in order to associate the brain with the scent.

    Next, use a sweeping motion to apply the product, working from the centre of your face out to the ears.

    Then work on your chin, using your second and third finger knuckles to glide along the jawline from the chin to the outer jaw. Repeat three times.

    Move onto the cheeks, using your fingers to make circular motions and then use your thumb and forefinger to create a pincer – ensure you’re working quickly to stimulate a gentle warmth, and then finish with a couple more circular motions.

    Next, take your fingers up to the eye area. Using your ring finger, circle around the eyes, going up the sides of the nose and to the outer edge of the eye. This is a great move for puffiness and it can be repeated as many times as you like.

    Then work on the forehead. Use all of your fingers to gently push up to the hairline and sweep out to the ears.

    Finally, finish the massage by bringing your hands in front of your face again and do a few deep breaths.

  • 5. How long should be spent doing at-home facial massage?

    Woman moisturising

    It really depends on what time you have. “You can get great results after five minutes, but you can, of course, take longer,” says Paterson. 

    In terms of how often to do it, you can massage every day if you want to, but a couple of times a week – or even once every Sunday – is beneficial and you’ll definitely still see the benefits, both in terms of relaxation and when it comes to sculpting and easing tension and stress. 

Start your facial massage routine with the Decléor Green Mandarin range. The collection is backed by science and on a mission to transform your skin and help to relax your mind through the enriching properties of essential oils. 

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