Benefits of kombucha in skincare

Kombucha in skincare: what is it, the benefits and best products

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Kombucha is usually found in health drinks but now it’s the main ingredient in many 2021 beauty launches. So what exactly are the benefits? We find out.

You may not have ever realised but a lot of popular skincare ingredients are related to food. Turmeric has been utilised in South Asian communities for thousands of years, thanks to its skin brightening abilities. Cult Korean skincare brand Glow Recipe has a whole range dedicated to the soothing properties of avocado. While vitamin E-packed coconut oil is great at helping to maintain your skin’s barrier function.

Now, a new foodie ingredient is stepping into the spotlight and it’s something that may already sit in your kitchen cupboard as well as your bathroom cabinet. Enter: kombucha.

Like most innovations in skincare, kombucha hails from east Asia. Of course, many reap its benefits from drinking kombucha for a healthier gut but more and more brands are adding the ingredient to its latest launches. The reason? Kombucha can help to protect skin against damaging environmental factors like pollution and free radicals.

Here, Lizzie Shaw, skincare specialist at cosmeceutical brand PCA Skin, runs through the things you need to know about kombucha in skincare.

What is kombucha?

“Kombucha is actually fermented tea. It’s a combined yeast and bacterial fermentation that is then usually used as a drink.”

What are the benefits of kombucha in skincare?

“Studies have shown that kombucha is beneficial for helping to ensure a healthy gut. A healthy gut can have a direct impact on the health of our skin and, of course, how our skin looks. Skin conditions like acne and rosacea as well as eczema have all been linked to digestive issues.

“Kombucha also contains a lot of B vitamins including B2, B6 and B12 – vitamins that are often found in effective skincare products to build a glowing complexion – and vitamin C. So drinking kombucha will absolutely benefit your skin from the inside out.

“As a skincare product, it would make sense to suggest that the topical probiotics within kombucha should strengthen the skin’s natural ability to defend itself against the everyday environmental stressors and UV damage. Meanwhile, the B vitamins and vitamin C will help to support cellular function and oxidative damage, helping to maintain skin elasticity and barrier function.”

Where does kombucha skincare sit most effectively in your skincare routine?

“Skincare products containing vitamin C tend to work best in the morning, after cleansing and before SPF to provide an invisible barrier against everything that the day will throw at your skin.”

Best kombucha skincare products

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