L’Oreal Paris has created an eye cream for your face, and one is sold every 10 seconds

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Applying eye cream all over your face is the latest Korean skincare trend to hit the UK but what are the benefits? We explain all.

When it comes to skincare innovation, Asia is leaps and bounds ahead of us. From J beauty’s focus on cleaning and purifying skin with deep cleansing and trips to an onsen (a hot spring) to K-beauty’s reputation for sheet masks and glass skin - its trends have dictated a lot of the steps we’ve tried in our own beauty routines.

Now, a new Korean skincare trend has hit our shores and it sounds a little strange. Introducing: eye cream… for your face. Now we know what you’re probably thinking: isn’t that just face cream? But no, it isn’t.

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The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on any other part of your body. It also has less of a hydrolipidic film (a light protective film that protects your skin against external aggressors) and almost no sebaceous glands (which produce natural oils), meaning this area is more prone to dehydration. This is why eye creams are all about hydration and typically include ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E, which also tend to be more potent.

In Asia, applying an eye cream all over the face is a growing trend and we’ve finally woken up to it. Of course, eye creams tend to come in smaller pots and packaging and you could easily use one up just covering your face. This is where L’Oreal Paris’ new Revitalift Filler [+ Hyaluronic Acid] Eye Cream for Face, £19.99, comes in.


L’Oreal Paris has created a large tube of eye cream intended for the face that currently sells once every 10 seconds globally. It contains moisture-boosting ingredients, including two types of hyaluronic acid to allow deeper penetration in the skin’s surface layers. It also contains vitamin E and CG (also known as ascorbyl glucoside, a synthetic form of vitamin C) to even out skin and make it appear brighter.

Add to that skin-awakening caffeine, vegetal-based glycerin for extra hydration and kombucha to remove dead skin cells and you have the makings of all you could want in a face cream. Upon application, the texture of the cream feels slightly thicker than your average face cream but, oddly, doesn’t feel heavy on skin. It sinks in quickly, leaving a smoother and plumper complexion in its wake. Additionally, L’Oreal notes that ‘multi-use’ products within beauty has seen a spike in Google searches in the UK throughout 2020 and so this cream can of course be used under the eyes, too.

L’Oreal aren’t actually the first ones to produce an eye cream for face. Korean skincare brand AHC first noted the trend with its AHC Hydrating Essential Real Eye Cream for Face, £26, claiming it was a popular skincare step across the country and that Korean actress relied on it, too. We’re sure eye creams for the face are only bound to grow from here. Watch this space.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler [+ Hyaluronic Acid] Eye Cream for Face, £19.99

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