The Lush Christmas 2020 collection includes Snow Fairy bath bombs and candy cane bubble bars

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Lush has released its Christmas 2020 collection and it includes Snow Fairy-scented products and a whole lot of fun bath bombs.

We know, we know. We have only just got over the incredible pumpkin and monster bath bombs in Lush’s Halloween 2020 collection but now, its Christmas range has dropped.

Yep, the bath and body brand has already launched its festive offering online and in-stores and it couldn’t have come at a better time, to be honest, as we need all the uplifting news we can get right now.

In the line-up, you’ll find an extensive range of products scented with Lush’s iconic cotton candy-scented Snow Fairy fragrance. Additionally, there’s the Kinky Boots Bubble Bar, Candy Cane Bath Bomb and even a Butterbear Bath Bomb.

Here, we run through everything in Lush’s Christmas collection for 2020. Prepare yourself for a very long wishlist…

Lush bath bombs and bubble bars for Christmas 2020

  • Tick-Tock Bath Bomb

    Seemingly inspired by the much-loved character Tik-Tok from Return to Oz, this bath bomb release plastic-free glitter and popping candy into your bath.

    Tick-Tock Bath Bomb, £3.95

  • Kinky Boots Bubble Bar

    Hold this bubble bar under a running tap and it’ll release notes of jasmine and musk along with skin-softening cocoa butter. Plus, look at how cute it is.

    Kinky Boots Bubble Bar, £5.95

  • I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb

    A hippopotamus with a starry back, what’s not to love? When you drop this in your bath water, it releases popping candy, lets off a raspberry scent and turns your water purple. Complete with stars, of course.

    I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb, £2.95

  • Elfie Stick Bubble Stick

    Place this stick at the bottom of your tub and watch as it creates endless candy-scented bubbles.

    Elfie Stick Bubble Stick, £3.95

  • Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

    While it might look festive, this candy cane bubble bar is scented with bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils for an uplifting and fresh scent that will remind you of summer holidays.

    Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar, £3.95

  • Angels Delight Bath Bomb

    When you dunk this bath bomb into your tub, it’ll transform the water into fun shades of fuschia and gold. Plus, it smells of orange and tangerine.

    Angels Delight Bath Bomb, £3.50

  • Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

    Yep, Lush’s iconic Snow Fairy is back for Christmas. It’ll scent your water with its popular candy floss fragrance, while plastic-free snowflakes swirl around your tub.

    Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, £4.95

  • Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar

    Just like a Polar Bear’s habitat, this bubble bar with give you an Arctic blast of mint and spearmint.

    Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar, £4.95

  • Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb


    In this bath bomb, sweet blackcurrant and cypress oils blend together to give you an energising lift. And it changes your bath water into a striking shade of hot pink, of course.

    Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, £4.95

  • Holly Golightly 3 Bath Gift Bomb

    This product actually contains two bath bombs and bubbles. You canremove the holly lid and sprinkle its insides to add bubbles to your bath. Or, you can drop the holly lid in as a bath bomb. Or, drop the whole shell in. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Holly Golightly 3 Bath Gift Bomb, £7.95

  • Snow Fairy Wonderball 3 Bath Gift Bomb

    Similar to Holly Golightly, this bath bomb comes with bubbles and two bath bombs but is scented with Lush’s cult Snow Fairy scent.
  • Winter Garden Bath Bomb

    This bath bomb is perfect if you want to relax. It releases calming notes of ylang ylang, while petals scatter and float on the top of your bath water.

    Winter Garden Bath Bomb, £3.95

  • Butterbear Bath Bomb

    This bath bomb is as soothing as it is cute. It contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang to nourish your skin and relax your mind.

    Butterbear Bath Bomb, £2.95

  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

    Once this bath bomb hits the water, the parcel bursts and transforms the water to a relaxing shade of  turquoise, complete with (plastic-free) glitter.

    Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, £5.95

  • Jingle Bells Bath Bomb

    As well as its refreshing orange scent, this bath bomb creates red and blue swirls in your bath water.

    Jingle Bells Bath Bomb, £4.95

  • Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

    Re-create the night’s sky in the comfort of your bathroom. This bath bomb makes the water a deep shade of blue, while the golden stars float around you.

    Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, £4.95

  • Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb

    Perfect for a good night’s sleep, this snowman releases a relaxing lavender scent that soothes your skin and mind.

    Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb, £3.50

  • Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar

    Another item under the Snow Fairy-scented umbrella, this bubble bar makes your bathroom smell of candy floss and turns your water pastel pink.

    Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar, £5.95

Lush shower, face and body products for Christmas 2020

  • Yog Nog Shower Gel

    Not only is this shower gel gold, it’s vegan, palm oil-free, SLS-free and full of plastic-free glitter.

    Yog Nog Shower Gel, £14

  • Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel

    With notes of marzipan and ingredients like oat milk and chestnut puree, this shower gel is enough to get you in the cosy spirit of Christmas.

  • Snow Fairy Shower Gel

    This shower gel is formulated with Lush’s popular candy floss-scented Snow Fairy fragrance.

    Snow Fairy Shower Gel, £10

  • Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

    This rich body conditioner is made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to leave skin intensely hydrated and soft.

    Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, £9

  • Lush Rudolph Nose Shower Bomb

    Don’t have a bath? There’s no reason you should miss out on all the fun. This shower bomb froths up upon contact with water and releases notes of cherry and almond.

    Lush Rudolph Nose Shower Bomb, £2.95

  • Buche de Noel Fresh Cleanser

    Even if we aren’t attending Christmas parties, it’s still important to cleanse our face. This one contains Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, almonds and mandarin.

    Buche de Noel Fresh Cleanser, £9

  • Candy Cane Lip Scrub

    Lush has created a candy cane-flavoured version of its popular lip scrub. Buff it onto your lips to get rid of flaky skin.

    Candy Cane Lip Scrub, £6.50

  • Yog Nog Body Milk

    Apply this lightweight body milk to dry skin and its almond oil and clove oil will soothe and brighten skin.

    Yog Nog Body Milk, £8

  • Fairy Dust Dusting Powder

    Scented with Snow Fairy and packed with plastic-free glitter, this dusting powder adds a subtle shimmer to skin.

    Fairy Dust Dusting Powder, £7.50

  • Once Upon A Time Body Lotion

    Apple and organic illipe butter blend together to leave skin soft and hydrated.

    Once Upon A Time Body Lotion, £10

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