Why you should add oat milk to your skincare routine

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Oat milk is being heralded for its soothing skin benefits, particularly for those with dry or sensitive complexions. Here, we run through the best oat milk skincare products available.

The demand for oat milk is bigger than ever. Waitrose reported a 113% spike in the sales of oat milk from July 2019 to July 2020. Oatly, one of the most popular oat milk options on the high street, saw sales almost double to $200m (around £155m) in 2019. And now, the popular coffee ingredient is being added to our skincare products, too.

But what are the skin benefits of oat milk, you ask? “Oats are used in skincare mainly for their moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties,” explains Dr Shaaira Nasir, dermatologist at sk:n clinics. It can be useful for those with dry skin, inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or allergic reactions.

“The starch contained in oats called beta-glucan acts as a hydrating ingredient and helps restore the skin barrier. The phenols contained in oats reduce inflammation and helps with itch.”

Thanks to their hydrating and soothing properties, Dr Nasir says that any skin type can use skincare containing oat milk. “It is particularly useful in dry and itchy skin, due to the moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties,” she adds.

Here, we round up some of the best oat milk skincare products on the high street.

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