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4 reasons why Protinol is the skincare ingredient you need to know about

The power of Protinol is unrivalled – but what is it and how does it work? Here’s the low down… 

No longer are cleanse, tone and moisturise the three key parts of a skincare routine. Now, it’s about so much more. From acid toners to sunscreen and serums, it might seem like an ever-growing, somewhat overwhelming space, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead of having a bathroom cupboard overflowing with products, it’s about streamlining your routine and using tried, tested and proven ingredients that are kind to skin while still being effective and ensuring that it stays as healthy as it can be.

And that’s where the power of Protinol™ comes in – it’s an ingredient that’s currently shaking up the industry. 

Here’s what you need to know, and why you need to incorporate it into your routine, stat… 

1. What is Protinol?

If you’ve never heard of Protinol, that’s probably because it’s a relatively recent development.

Discovered by beauty experts Avon after years of testing, it’s fast becoming an essential component of any good skincare regime.

Powerful and fast acting whilst still being gentle on skin, Protinol is an ingredient that’s able to stay on the skin, which in turn helps it deliver an array of benefits to your complexion.

Its primary function is to boost collagen production - as you grow older, the amount of collagen produced naturally by your body begins to decline, which in turn results in dull, tired-looking skin.

By helping to jump-start the collagen process, Protinol can help strengthen and hydrate your skin, restoring it to its most radiant condition.

2. Where can I find Protinol?

Protinol is an ingredient patented by Avon, which means you’ll only find it in Avon skincare products. 

The key product you’ll find it in is the new Anew Renewal Power Serum, which promises to deliver considerably healthier, more radiant skin in just seven days, having been tested on a range of skin types, tones and ages. 

Those benefits include firmer and smoother looking skin along with a radiant glow.

The lightweight serum absorbs beautifully into skin, and it’s been developed with a blend of Protinol and niacinamide, a much-loved ingredient that helps to protect collagen while promoting even skin tone, targeting blemishes and reducing the appearance of pores. 

Best used at night time after cleansing, it can also be paired with Avon’s day and night cream – which, together, will pack a triple Protinol punch.

3. How does Protinol work?

As mentioned previously, one of the primary benefits of Protinol is its ability to help boost the two critical types of collagen in skin.

 “What many people don’t realise is that skin is made up of lots of different types of collagen,” explains Anthony Gonzalez, Avon’s director of global skincare and trend innovation. 

“There’s collagen I, which most people are familiar with, and there’s also collagen III – otherwise known as ‘baby collagen’ because its presence is highest in children’s skin – and these two types of collagen need each other to function efficiently.”

And that’s where the magic of Protinol really comes into its own: it helps to bring the ratio of those two types of collagen closer to that found in baby skin, meaning you can expect to start seeing results in just seven days.*

4. How does it differ from retinol?

The names might sound similar, but Protinol and retinol are two very different ingredients.

“One of the biggest and key differences is Protinol’s ability to calm the skin, making it a much more gentle alternative for helping to smooth any fine lines while also firming skin,” says Gonzalez.

In short, that means anybody who perhaps may find retinol to be too drying for the individual skin type, will be better off trying a product that harnesses the power of Protinol.

Not only that, but findings show that Protinol can actually work quicker than traditional retinol**, and while retinol helps in boosting the production of collagen I and collagen III, Protinol has been proven to bring the ratio of collagen I:III closer to that of baby skin.

Gentler, quicker and more effective… all good reasons for you to add some Protinol to your beauty bag, ASAP…

Avon anew renewal power serum

Want to introduce some Protinol into your routine? The award-winning ingredient is in Avon’s Anew Renewal Power Serum, which is packed with the patented technology, proven to deliver seven skincare benefits in just seven days*. Thanks to the serum’s award-winning formula, you can expect to see stronger-feeling, more resilient skin with a radiant glow, all without the irritation that some retinol-users experience. 

* Based on 206 participants who expressed their opinion in a consumer perception study.

** Based on a historical comparison of clinical testing results across internal Avon formulations containing retinol as compared to formulations containing Protinol.