Skin Proud Frozen Over Moisturiser

Here’s why Skin Proud’s viral Frozen Over Gel-to-Ice Hydrator is so effective

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Using cold isn’t a new idea in beauty – there are myriad ways skincare has embraced sub- and just-above zero temperatures. Now, there’s a viral skincare product that makes it easier than ever to reap the rewards of cryotherapy at home. 

The number of facial massage tools that harness the power of cool, cold and even icy temperatures seems to be getting longer every day. From ice globes – a celebrity-loved way to rejuvenate tired skin, increase circulation and de-puff skin – to ice sticks and eye massagers, the list is growing, people!

However, the latest cold-craze to sweep social media is slightly more surprising. Less tool, more product, it’s an innovative formula that brings the benefits of cold therapy to your daily skincare routine. Enter Skin Proud’s Frozen Over Gel-to-Ice Hydrator.

From TikTok users shouting out the soothing, calming nature of the hydrator to Instagram hailing the “dewy” finish, social media has fallen for Skin Proud’s product, hard. 

Designed to be used at room temperature (gel texture) or after two to three hours in the freezer (slushy texture), the versatility of the hydrator has been a large part of its growing following. Suitable for all skin types, the odourless formula is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory aloe vera and brightening lemon extract to soothe, moisturise and even out any hyperpigmentation in the skin. 

Skin Proud Frozen Over

Why are cold temperatures so good for the skin?

When we use cold products and tools on the skin (or when we experience cold temperatures) our body naturally increases blood circulation, which brings blood closer to the surface of the skin. This oxygenated blood works to repair skin damage, remove toxins, minimise inflammation and encourage lymphatic drainage. 

Not only is it mentally refreshing and rejuvenating (you can’t help but wake up when there are sub-zero temperatures being applied to your skin), it can also help to soothe stressed or angry skin and reduce water retention. 

Our advice? Use it in its frozen state in the morning – the invigorating nature of the gel is lovely to apply to the entire face or just under the eyes, wherever your skin feels most sluggish. Then, in the evenings, keep at room temperature for soothing and quickly absorbed hydration.

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