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Stress-relieving skincare products that make your mind and skin feel calm

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As the popularity of stress-relieving beauty rises, we round up our favourite mood-boosting products that will help you to switch off.

While we all had differing opinions on Zoom quizzes and daily walks, there was one one area where the Stylist team found pockets of calm throughout all three lockdowns: self-care.

Previously, the idea of self-care may have seemed unachievable after long commutes and packed social calendars but now, taking some time for yourself has become an essential part of avoiding burnout. In fact, Google searches for ‘self-care routine’ have increased since March 2020.

Even though lockdown restrictions are easing up, it’s important to continue routines that bring mood-boosting and therapeutic value to our days.

Our views towards self-care are also reflected in how we shop. Health and beauty retailer Boots has reported that since the first lockdown, sales of products that alleviate stress have risen by 91% on its website, with a total of 71 stress relief products selling per hour.

In its latest beauty trends report, Boots also predicted that the remainder of 2021 “will see customers looking for products and treatments that can reach beyond their normal routine to provide heightened levels of calm and relaxation”.

This is where ‘switch off skincare’ comes in.

There’s a wide range of products that have been specifically created to help soothe your mind, as well as nourish your skin.

Here, we round up our favourite products that help us find some balance after a stressful day.

Best skincare products to help you unwind

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