Supergoop! sunscreen uk stockist review

Supergoop!: Meet the US brand that’s making us want to wear sunscreen every single day

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The latest US beauty import is Supergoop! – our new favourite brand that’s on a mission to educate people on the importance of wearing sunscreen.

No matter how many stories exist on the internet about the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, it’s still something that not everybody does. Granted, it’s not always an easy habit to get into, and for years SPF formulas weren’t exactly formulated in a way that made us want to wear them, which is half the battle.

Thankfully, times are changing with new brands and products cropping all the time. No longer are formulas thick, white, greasy and pore-clogging – instead they’re much more cosmetically pleasing, and one brand leading the charge is Supergoop!, which – by the way – is in no way affiliated to Gwynnie’s Goop. Instead, it’s the brainchild of Holly Thaggard. 

Launched in the USA 14 years ago, the Supergoop! ethos is to create SPF products that people can enjoy applying and wearing, and it was created after one of Thaggard’s friends was diagnosed with skin cancer. Following the diagnosis, Thaggard learnt everything there was to know about sunscreen, including why so many people were still reluctant to incorporate it into their daily routines. From there, she went on to create a range of broad-spectrum products that promise the highest levels of protection as well as suiting everybody, no matter your age or gender. 

Until recently, Supergoop! wasn’t available in the UK, but luckily for us it’s now slowly but surely making its way across the pond. Currently available at Cult Beauty, there are three products you can buy now, plus there’s a waitlist you can join for Glowstick – an invisible, travel-friendly stick that you can use to top up throughout the day. 

Stylist’s beauty editor, Lucy Partington, is already a big fan of the brand: “I first tried Supergoop! when I picked up Play Everyday Lotion while I was in New York a couple of years ago. I was immediately drawn to the bold, bright coloured packaging and the formula of the SPF didn’t disappoint, plus it was relatively affordable. 

I’ve since fallen in love with the general spirit of the brand (ensuring people wear SPF every day is the hill I will die on) and Holly’s passion is infectious. There’s an entire range of innovative products that I hope will gradually make their way over here; from SPF-infused eyeshadows and face powders to hydrating mists and lip balms, along with a host of varying types of sunscreen, each one specifically designed to suit different occasions, personal preference, skin type and concern.”

Here’s what you need to know about the ever-growing list of products currently available in the UK.

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Images: courtesy of Supergoop!

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