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The Body Shop Shea Body Butter review: the intensive moisturiser that transforms dry elbows

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This is the product that transformed the perpetually dry elbows of Lucy Partington, Stylist’s beauty editor. 

OK, I know. Bear with me on this one. Dry elbows is an extremely niche topic to write about, and yes – to any of my friends who may or may not be reading this – I am milking it as much as I can. But after a lifetime of having elbows that resemble sandpaper, this is truly a revelation for me.

First, a bit of background: I remember my Grandma would always encourage me to moisturise my elbows. Whenever I went round to her house she’d mention it, I don’t really know why it was that body part in particular that she focussed on – but whatever the reason, it stuck with me. Well, it stuck with me but not quite enough to make me actually make an effort and actually moisturise them. Regardless, I’ve always been very aware that my elbows in particular are dry. A bit scaly and just generally not really very nice to look at or feel (for all those people who feel my elbows on the reg AKA me).  

But, after almost 31 years of this very specific problem, I’ve found a moisturiser that not only made an incredible difference pretty much overnight, but that is also good enough to have me slapping it on my elbows after every shower. And if you ask me, that’s nothing short of a modern-day miracle.

The product in question? The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter, £18. Specifically formulated for very dry skin, it’s thicker and creamier than the other moisturisers in the same range, but it’s not sticky or greasy. It absorbs almost instantly, and when I tell you that I notice a huge difference in the general dryness of my elbows the morning after? God, I really, really do. I should probably also confess that, until now, I’ve never really consistently moisturised my body – it’s just a habit that I’ve never really got into, despite my obsession with skincare for the face.  

The body shop shea body butter reivew
Proof that Lucy's elbows are super soft

For some reason though, and I’m not sure if it’s the scoopability factor of these body butters that make it easier and more appealing to apply, or whether it’s because I saw such an incredible, almost instant, improvement in the appearance of my skin that triggered something for me, but for some reason this specific product has helped me form a new habit. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I’m sure my Grandma would be proud of me too.

Now, I actually enjoy the ritual of slathering on this shea butter post-shower, safe in the knowledge that I’ll wake up with skin that’s softer, more hydrated and that generally looks and feels so much better than it ever has before. My elbows (and my arms, my legs, my chest, even my armpits, actually) have never been happier, softer, nor have they ever felt more loved. Plus, this new formula from The Body Shop promises 96 hours of moisture, and while I can’t fully account for that (only because I re-apply it every second or third day) I do feel the difference in how soft my skin feels for at least two days which, personally, I’m very into.

And if what’s inside the container isn’t enough, the packaging is fully recyclable, and it’s certified by The Vegan Society. Everybody really is a winner. 

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