What is brow pinching? Everything you need to know about the relaxing and lifting treatment

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Carrying tension in your face? This Ayurvedic-inspired practice can help to relax your facial muscles and make your mind feel calmer.

Is your jaw clenched? Is your tongue touching the roof of your mouth? Are your shoulders hunched up to your ears? You may not have noticed before, but there are specific points across our body that hold a lot of tension, particularly in the face. One area we don’t often check in with is our eyebrows. Furrowed brows are quite common and can be a result of some sort of stress.

While we love the benefits of a facial massage, there’s one technique that isn’t spoken about enough but can do a world of difference. Enter: eyebrow pinching.

“Brow pinching is a treatment designed to target key pressure points around the eye and brow area, helping to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate eyes,” explains Vanita Parti MBE, founder of Blink Brow Bar and BBB London. “Think of it as a natural answer to an eye lift.

“Inspired by Ayurvedic wellbeing principles – a holistic system of wellbeing – this specific treatment taps into your Marma points [locations in your body where a concentration of energy exists] and chakras to cleanse, rebalance and energise.”

Here, Parti runs through the ways in which brow pinching can help you mentally, as well as physically – plus, how to re-create the treatment at home while salons are currently closed.

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What are the benefits of brow pinching?

“Brow pinching is a form of yoga massage and aids circulation. The actual pinching also has the double effect of removing toxin build-up.

“By pressing the pressure points around the face, eyes, and head, the Marma points are opened. This will immediately awaken the senses and balance energy. The massage around the eyes will help increase circulation by stimulating the deeper layers of the skin.”

How can brow pinching help you to relax?

“Everyone needs respite from their day and even 10 minutes of brow pinching is like a short meditation to recharge and reset the mind. It would be wonderful to do this every day. The massage on your pressure points around your face, eyes, and head is incredibly relaxing.”

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 Can brow pinching change the appearance of your face and brows?

“Massaging around the eyes will help to increase circulation by stimulating the deeper layers of the skin. The massage techniques will also assist the removal of toxin build-up around the eye area, which in time balances and improves skin texture and tone. By taking time to relax during brow pinching, you will reduce the level of stress showing in your face.”

Does brow pinching hurt?

“Not at all, the pinching is gentle and the 10 minutes is very relaxing.”

Of course, an expert is best but how can somebody try to achieve it at home?

“It is so easy to do anywhere, anytime. For an added bonus apply an oil [Parti recommends Blink’s Nourishing Brow Oil, £14.40, which the salon uses for its own in-salon brow pinching treatments] on the brows. Start by gently massaging it in.

“Then, using your forefinger and thumb, start pinching at front of brows and pinch along your eyebrows to the tail. Massage your temples with your forefingers and middle fingers. Finally, apply pressure on your third eye with forefinger and middle finger of one hand - repeat as desired.”

Watch the video by Blink Brow Bar below to see brow pinching in practice…

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