A new way to buy perfume has arrived

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Jo Hoare
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Millennials are blamed for the death of a lot of things: linear tv, churches, cinemas, sex… but hey, we’re responsible for the birth of a few brilliant ideas too and one of these is the incredible rise of the subscription service. From beauty boxes to tampons via razors and coffee, if you can buy it, you can also, er, buy it in specified amounts delivered to you over a fixed period of time. Yay!

The latest lifestyle purchase to get the subscription treatment is fragrance. Whereas beauty box services have been in abundance for some time now, the perfume industry have been slower to catch on, something Swedish entrepreneurs Tara Derakshan and Lisa Kjellqvist noticed: “Similar to how the music industry was prior to Spotify, the fragrance industry is conservative and rather unmodern,” says Derakshan. This thought led to the creation of Sniph, a service that sends out a new scent each month based on a ‘playlist’ of your individual likes and preferences.

The brand encourages its users to think of scent more as they would a hairstyle or make-up, changing them up depending on mood or occasion. Kjellqvist explains: “The concept of one signature scent is outdated, there are so many to experience.” Focusing on niche and artisan brands, with Heeley Parfums, Miller Harris and Oliver & Co all currently featuring, it’s a high-end option that comes with a matching price tag: at £17.99 a month for one 7ml sample, a six-month or year-long sign-up is quite an outlay. However, if you’re committed to discovering new and unusual fragrances but don’t live near a store where you can go in and test for yourself, it works out a lot cheaper than splashing out on an online order for a scent that doesn’t suit you.