This student just created a genius graduation cap hack for Afro hair

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Ava Welsing-Kitcher
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YouTuber Chizi Duru posted a video tutorial showing her tried and tested hack for securing her graduation cap, and many Twitter users have given their stamp of approval…

The end of the academic year is approaching, and millions of university students across the world will soon be donning their caps and gowns to walk across a stage and receive what they’ve been working towards for years (plus a lovely helping of student loan debt). It’s nerve-wracking enough, and a bad hair day is definitely not needed on top.

Unfortunately, graduation caps (or mortarboards, if you want to use their proper name) are one of the last pieces of headgear that really don’t cater to those of us with bigger hair. With a flat square top and a narrow piece of non-stretchy fabric to secure it in place, it’s definitely a struggle. 

But New York City college student Chizi Duru recently came to every Afro-haired grad’s help by posting a speedy video tutorial on how to attach a plastic headband to a cap and pop it on your head. The result? Your crown of hair in all its glory, and not forcefully flattened or squashed into a cap. 

Twitter and Facebook users were quick to show their appreciation, reposting the video over 100k times and racking up over 278k likes, and even posting photos of themselves trying the hack out at their own graduation ceremonies.

“Used this last year and it worked great! But use a hot glue gun instead of tape” advised one user.

“Sh*t, I wish I would have done this trick at my graduation, my cap fell off [while] walking up on stage!” wrote another.

“So simple yet so clever! Maybe time to branch out and design graduation caps (is that what they are called?) with diadems already installed so girls with natural hair can buy one? Seems like a good business idea to me seeing as many girls are transitioning to natural hair,” suggested a user.

What we’d love to see in the future? Manufacturers making Afro-friendly caps so that we don’t have to. 

Main Image: Unsplash