How to revive your post-summer hair to its former glory

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Georgia Drew
Post-summer recovery

Summer has well and truly finished and our hair’s moisture has gone with it. A simple salt spray will no longer cut it as autumn rolls around. Our haircare routines need a serious revamp to repair the damage all that holiday sun, chlorine and heat have done to our locks.

Now that we are all SPF obsessed with our skincare, it’s time to acknowledge the harm the sun does to our hair too. UV rays can have disastrous effects on hair by breaking down the proteins causing brittle, splitting strands. This is far from ideal with party season fast approaching.

So that’s why we’re bringing a two-tiered approach to our post-summer routine. 

Firstly, we must accept that the damage is done and now is the time to go about repairing it as best as you can with masks, oils and vitamin-rich products. 

Secondly, we want to prevent further damage and encourage healthy hair growth to ensure you feel as confident as your cocktail-swilling summer self. These are the products you need to cheat a Jonathan Van Ness-level makeover in your own bathroom.

Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo 

Post Summer Hair Care

Changing up your shampoo to a harder-working alternative is a great place to start. This one contains maracuja oil which is full of fatty acids for rejuvenation.


Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo

Post Summer Hair Recovery

This restoring shampoo cleanses even the driest, coloured and processed hair without taking away any moisture. Castor oil has long been used to promote hair growth and nourish strands.


Bumble & Bumble Mending Conditioner

Post summer hair recovery

Just when you think your hair is past saving, try this damage targeting conditioner. Suitable for all hair types, this will effortlessly mend any split ends caused by UV.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Treatment

post summer hair recovery

The avocado oil in this treatment contains vitamin D which helps generate new hair follicles. If you do nothing else, adding this 3 minute step into your routine will do you wonders - and if you’re still planning on visiting a couple of lidos before summer truly ends, drench your hair in this deep conditioner before dipping into the chlorine.


Davines SU Aftersun Replenishing Mask

post summer hair recovery

Look no further than the this post-sun remedy to treat your post-holiday hair. Ingredients such as shea butter work to repair the effects of harsh sunlight, plus the aluminium tube is very Insta-friendly.


Ouai Air Dry Foam

post summer hair recovery

It would be rude not to include some Ouai in the mix, especially as this Air Dry Foam is so suited to the frizzy texture we get from chlorine! Ideal for those of us on-the-go, just scrunch this into damp hair on the way out the door for controlled waves. 


Big Hair MILK Leave In Moisturiser

post summer hair recovery

This cult product for curly and afro girls works a dream to combat dehydration. The summer sun was gorgeous with a glass of rosé but it’s left our hair feeling in need of this leave in hero.


John Frieda Daily Miracle Leave In Conditioner

post summer hair recovery

Light enough to spritz generously every time you wash your locks, this will minimise sun induced frizz. Full of vitamins A, E and C this will maintain the work an intense mask has done. 


Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil

post summer hair recovery

The roster of awards this oil has won affirms just how good it really is. Don’t be put off that it’s an oil as it has a weightless feel that nourishes without making you greasy.


Sachajuan Hair After The Sun

post summer hair recovery

If you’re lucky enough to be off to soak up some late summer sun abroad be sure to bring this. Rinse out or leave in, just don’t leave it behind.


Michael Van Clarke 3” More Inches Hair and Nail Supplement

post summer hair recovery

Beauty can often come from the inside out, and these supplements will ensure your hair is healthy from the root. Folic acid will promote healthy cell growth to compensate for your sad ends.


Holland & Barrett Vitamins for the Hair

post summer hair recovery

Take one a day to get all the copper, zinc and vitamin B12 you need to drastically improve the look of your strands. 


Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex Hair Nutritional Supplement

post summer hair recovery

Anything Philip Kingsley puts his name to we are down to try - and these supplements don’t disappoint. Watch your hair transform just in time for party season.


Cloud Nine The Airshot

post summer hair recovery

Long after the heat of the summer warmth has gone we are still under threat of heat damage from our blow dries. Protect your newly repaired hair by investing in a hair dryer with temperature control technology.