Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn and Anja Rubik reveal the best supermodel beauty secrets and tips

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They may be genetically blessed, but even supermodels have their can’t-live-without beauty products. Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and Anja Rubik reveal all

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn knows good skin. And this isn’t just down to her job of fronting global campaigns for Maybelline or strutting down the Burberry catwalk. It’s the by-product of a lifelong skincare obsession. Between launching a childrenswear line and hosting her own YouTube cooking show, Dunn fills her Instagram feed with product recommendations and rituals. And it shows. The 25-year-old London-born model has the sort of complexion that only a true beauty enthusiast could create. Here, she opens up her bathroom cabinet for Stylist

I have a real obsession with skincare. I used to go crazy for online clothes shopping but now I’m constantly searching for the newest skincare products. Right now I love the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (£115,, Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum (£85, and Ren Radiance Perfection Serum (£35, – it’s full of vitamin C, which makes your skin look more awake. I use all three before my moisturiser. I’m currently using Zelens’ Hydro- Shiso Balancing Moisturiser (£55, which feels light but makes skin instantly dewier.

My face never feels fully clean without a double cleanse. I use an oil-based cleansing balm like Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm (£38, first to melt down my make-up, then a creamier cleanser like Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser [£49, to wash it all away.

My mother always taught me the importance of taking care of your neck and your hands. They are often the first areas to show the signs of ageing and people often forget about them. She always said it’s not just about moisturising, you’ve got to cleanse them just as thoroughly as you would your face to keep them looking their best.

Sometimes I make my own beauty products. Sugar, honey and a drop of vanilla makes a great lip scrub for getting rid of any dead skin.

Wearing a wig is the biggest time-saver. I’m very lucky in that I can just send my wig to my hairstylist in a taxi and she’ll wash and style it. I’ll tell her how I want it to look that day – middle or side-parting, curly or straight, however I feel – and she’ll send it back fully styled. On my own, I’ll just straighten it because that’s all I can really do.

There’s nothing I like more than getting a facial. When I’m in New York, I like to have the Oxygen Glow Rejuvenating Facial at Ling Spa, which feels like it’s really waking your skin up. When I’m in London, I go to see [facialist and skincare expert] Debbie Thomas. Whether it’s lasers, special lights or really intense facial massage, she just knows exactly how to get my skin back to normal.

Sundays are my home spa days. I like to light candles and sit in my bath. There’s no better way to relax than soaking in the tub with Roques ONeil’s Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts (£37, They're made with loads of essential oils, including geranium and lavender, and the scent completely calms me down. I also fell in love with Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Bath (£2.89, after having my son, it’s also full of lavender and so soothing.

I once read that Naomi Campbell uses Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream, (£108, all over her body. I thought, ‘I want that’. I’ve tried it and it’s so moisturising, it really does keep your body on point, even if it is very pricey.

Make-up artist Hila Karmand taught me the trick to liquid liner. Rather than standing in front of the mirror (which I often still do when I’m running out the door), she showed me that you get a much smoother line if you rest your elbow on a flat surface. It sounds like a simple tip but it makes such a big difference.

Karlie Kloss

That Karlie Kloss’ commanding runway walk is possibly the most recognisable in the industry (and the most lucrative: reportedly earning £193 for every step she takes) is surely down to her past life as a ballet dancer. Her beauty know-how, though, is the result of 10 years as a model and two years as a spokesmodel for L’Oréal Paris. And unlike many of her peers, Kloss has since managed that impossible feat of transcending modelling to become a global star – and keen philanthropist – in her own right. She invites Stylist backstage to delve into her beauty box of tricks…

Mousse is the most underrated hair product. It’s a bit old school and most people avoid it but I’ve always found it adds the perfect amount of volume – and you don’t need a tonne. I put a golf ball-sized amount of L’Oréal Paris Studio Pro Boost It Volume Mousse (£4.49, through my wet hair. As long as you work fast to spread it through the hair, it won’t go sticky. I think having my hair professionally styled for work every day has made me braver when it comes to trying hair products.

If I don’t have eyelash curlers, I use a teaspoon. You lay the spoon face down above the upper lash line and then pinch and lightly pull your lashes against it. It does just as good a job at curling them. Teaspoons are also great at de-puffing eyes – I put them in the freezer and then lay them over my eyes when I’ve not had enough sleep. They really get rid of any bags.

I always opt for cream formulas when it comes to make-up. Whether that’s blush or eyeshadow, they are so much more malleable. Your fingers warm them up and they meld better with your skin. They’re great in the summer when your skin is a little dewier.

[Legendary make-up artist] Pat McGrath showed me how to transform my lips with liner. It’s very Linda Evangelista in the Nineties but I’m so into it. I have small lips so I overdraw them a little with a brown lipliner like Mac’s Lip Pencil in Spice or Oak (£12.50 each, to exaggerate the shape. It really does make my lips look bigger.

I prefer to wash my hair at night to help create a more natural texture. I’m one of four sisters, and they all have lovely wavy or curly hair, but mine is fine and straight. I’m always looking for ways to add a bit of texture but I haven’t found anything that works as well as plaiting hair wet and sleeping in it. I wake up with a nice and wavy texture.

I couldn’t live without Viviscal Women’s Max Strength Supplement (£119.95 for a three month supply, It makes your hair thick and works really well. I’ve been taking it on and off for years and have really noticed a difference.

You’ll never find a model without wipes, lip balm and moisturiser in her bag. At the moment I’m using a thick moisturiser by Dr Hauschka – the Rose Day Cream (£29.50, – as my skin is feeling so dry. Working as a model has made me really appreciate great skincare. My face is my work so it’s vital to take care of it.

Pimple-popping should be left to the professionals. My facialist [New York skincare expert] Joanna Vargas has drilled it into me that trying it at home can really damage your skin. When I can’t get to her, I dip a cotton bud in tea tree oil and wipe it over the spot to help heal it – it works every time. I used to try the old wives’ tale of dotting toothpaste over spots, which I picked up from my sister, but it doesn’t work quite as well.

Anja Rubik

It’s thanks to regular catwalk slots for Chanel and Chloé, being touted as Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and cheekbones that enter a room five minutes before she does that Anja Rubik, 32, has immortalised herself into fashion’s hall of fame. Still, it’s within the realm of beauty that this Polish model exercises her entrepreneurial spirit. She launched a fragrance brand in 2015, with the release of her first scent, Original, and has recently been announced as the face (or rather, hair) of Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry. Here, she shares with us her on-the-go beauty failsafes…

My mother always encouraged me to massage my products in. Applying pressure to the skin on the face boosts circulation and makes you look far healthier and more glowy. I came across this jelly textured serum Jelly Aquarysta (£44, Astalift) when I was in Japan, and when there’s time to work it in it really does help.

No matter how much make-up you put on, if you have bad skin, it will never look good. I make sure I take care of mine – I eat well, drink well and eat plenty of good fats like avocados. What you put inside yourself is so important; that’s where skin builds from.

[Celebrity make-up artist] Wendy Rowe taught me the secret to making your cheekbones pop. Apply powder bronzer with a brush in a croissant shape under the apple of the cheek to shade the area and allow the cheekbone to become instantly defined.

I’ll always remember the eyeshadow tip [Brazilian model] Raquel Zimmerman taught me. I have big round eyes so I’m always looking for ways to make them more elongated and feline. She taught me that shading at the very centre of the eyelid in the crease is the sweet spot that will magically give eyes more shape.

If I’ve forgotten my lip liner, I use my favourite taupe powder eyeshadow instead. I put a tiny bit of Burberry’s Eye Color Silk in Almond (£23, on a lip brush and use it to gently trace the outside of my lips. It creates a shadow that makes the lips seem a lot fuller.

I decant my make-up products into palettes, just like backstage make-up artists do. It really streamlines your cosmetic bag, which is especially great if you travel a lot, like me. I tend to wear cream formulas, which work well in palettes.

I like to test new fragrances on a sweater, rather than those paper strips. When you pull a sweater on, you’ll get more of a feeling if that scent is for you than smelling it on a little piece of paper. I used this trick while formulating my own fragrance (Original by Anja Rubik, £60,

Having long hair is boring. I’ve never understood why other models cry when they get their hair cut backstage. It grows back and it’s so much fun to change looks. I’ve loved experimenting with my hair colour, cutting it short, getting a fringe. I really wanted to dye it red but my agent stepped in.

I read that vodka and lemon juice make your hair blonder. Sometimes I spritz a mixture of both into my hair and it really gives it a nice sunkissed effect that’s far less harsh than bleach.

Don’t wash your hair if you don’t have to. Natural oils are so good for your hair and make it a lot healthier. [Iconic backstage hairstylist] Orlando Pita taught me to brush it to help those oils get to the bottom of the hair.

When my hair is feeling a little flat, I use an Alice band to give it more volume. I wear it at the hairline for a couple of hours then when I take it off, the hair automatically lifts itself at the front. It saves precious hours blow drying my hair to get it bigger.

I came across the ultimate product for hair growth in a pharmacy back in Poland. Panthenol is traditionally used for healing wounds but then they made a liquid form for chemotherapy patients that makes hair grow super fast. I use it all the time by rubbing a few drops into my scalp and I really think it works.

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