Taraji P. Henson is releasing her own haircare line, and it’s for all hair types

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Hanna Ibraheem
Taraji P Henson on the red carpet

The actor just dropped a surprise announcement: her new hair brand, TPH by Taraji.

Taraji P. Henson is kicking off 2020 with a bang. The Empire actor has announced the upcoming launch of her newest venture: TPH by Taraji, a haircare range aimed at all hair types.

The idea behind TPH by Taraji, which was 10 years in the making, was born from Henson’s own experience with weaves. The range will consist of 18 products divided into four colour-coded categories: red for repair, yellow for scalp-care, purple for treatment stylers and blue for cleansing and care.

For Henson, scalp care is one of the most important aspects of the entire line after she realised many women, including herself, weren’t looking after their scalps, particularly underneath weaves or wigs.

“The first time I went to get the weave taken out, it smelled like mildew. I was so embarrassed. I was washing my hair, but wasn’t drying the weft,” she tells Allure.

“My dilemma was how do I get to my scalp? How do I clean it? I didn’t ever want that mildew smell again.”

Alongside its clever coloured packaging, every detail has been considered, right down to the specialised applicators that work to deliver product directly to the scalp, so that none of it is wasted on your fingertips or hair.

But the main thing Henson wants everybody to know is that TPH wasn’t created with one specific person in mind: it’s for everyone and all hair types.

Upon launch, TPH by Taraji will be available exclusively at Target from 29 January, but watch this space: we’re crossing our fingers it’ll be hitting UK shores soon…

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