82-year-old grandmother gets first tattoo in memory of her late husband

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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Maybe we’ve watched too many episodes of Tattoo Fixers, but we’ve always been slightly sceptical about the idea of having someone else’s name permanently inked onto our bodies.

However, that all changed when we heard about 82-year-old June Bright, who recently had her late husband’s name tattooed on her wrist as a dedication to their marriage.

The grandmother, who lives in Lincolnshire, first had the idea for the tattoo when she saw an inking of poppies on her 79-year-old friend’s wrist.

She then persuaded her granddaughter, Naomi, to accompany her to Sabotage Tattoo Studio where she had her late husband’s name, Derrick, inked in cursive script over her left wrist.

Artist Nicholas Sylvester, who gave June the tatttoo, wrote on Facebook (below), “It just goes to show you are never too old.”

“She is an awesome lady and it was a pleasure to tattoo her.”

Her granddaughter, Naomi, told The Evening Standard that June was “very persistent” in wanting to get her first tattoo – and that, luckily, the experience didn’t disappoint.

“She was so excited to show people and on the phone straight away to friends and family to tell them about it,” Naomi said, adding that her grandmother was “very pleased” with how it looked.

June first met Derrick when she was just 13 years old, and the childhood sweethearts went on to spend 53 years together before Derrick sadly passed away in 2001.

June had originally wanted to ink Derrick’s initials onto her wedding ring finger, but she changed her mind at the last minute because she didn’t want to have to remove her ring for the first time since their wedding.

And, according to Naomi, June (clearly an original Girl Boss) barely flinched while the ink was being tattooed onto her wrist.

“It was almost like she was just sat having a cup of tea with a friend,” she noted.

June, you’ve made our week.

Images: Facebook/Sabotage Tattoo Studio, tattoos by Nicholas Sylvester.