Tattoos that reveal your age

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You thought it was a good idea at the time.…

  • 1990-1993: 'Technicolor Tats

    Think Tweety Pie, anything Disney-related or even a Smurf. You were young, it was the height of rave culture. No-one knew what was going on.

  • 1997-1999: A chinese or Japanese symbol

    Usually on the upper arm or lower back. Nobody knows what it means and it’s probably spelt incorrectly. Blame Mel C.

  • 2003-2005: The ‘band’ was king

    You’re probably sporting song lyrics or a badly drawn tattoo after seeing your favourite band at a festival. You probably have a star tattoo somewhere too.

  • 2006-2007: enter: the sleeve

    Thanks to Mr Beckham and latterly, Rob Kardashian, sleeves are now one of the most asked for tattoos by the younger generation.

  • 2008-2009: in the navy

    Irony, so beloved by hipsters, saw traditional naval tattoos make a comeback. Anchors and traditional pin ups washed across east London.

  • 2010-2013: the finger tattoo

    Starting with Rihanna, the finger tat became cool – there’s no end to the hilarity of a finger ’tache tattoo. But if you have one, you’re definitely under 25.


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