The 15 best Christmas party nail looks to try out this festive season

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Christmas Nail Art

Christmas is well on the way, which means lots of parties and get-togethers are too. Be ready for any last minute invites with nails that can’t be missed.

This time of year feels like an endless stream of drinks with friends, office parties and get-togethers with long lost relatives. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. But having a diary chocoblock full of glittering events calls for nails that match. 

From clutching a mulled wine to cupping a mince pie, there are countless opportunities to show off your conversation-starting nail art. Plus, if you’re struggling to get into the festive spirit, painting tiny holly decals onto your nails might be the push you need.

Try out one of Stylist’s Christmas-inspired nail looks, just make sure they’re merry and bright.

Starry night

Teeny tiny stars are a nail trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. These Townhouse creations pop the stars on top of a clean, nude nail bed and look anything but try-hard. 

Coat all your nails with two layers of your favourite nude polish, then when they’re dry top a few nails of your choice with the decals. Not too shouty for the office, but not too minimal for a party either. 

Glitter half moon

Almost all-out glitter, but not quite, these nails are for the magpies amongst us. Heighten the classic half moon nails with some sparkle by following one coat of base coat with a few layers of glitter polish. Using a ring reinforcing sticker just above the base of the nail bed will help keep them neat and tidy. 

Christmas Stars

If stars don’t scream Christmas enough for you, why not add in a festive colour scheme of red and green? Depending on your nail skills, these might be a job for the salon. Draw on the stars with a very fine nails brush and then slick over one layer of topcoat and place on a few small sequins whilst it’s still tacky. 

Loved-up Christmas

Okay, so these aren’t strictly festive but what’s more Christmassy than snuggling up on the sofa watching rom-coms like Love Actually? Colour clashing red and pink french tips bring some colour to any grey December day. The little hearts on alternating fingers complete a nail look that would make Hugh Grant swoon.

Glitter overload

Glitter, but not the thick kind that is near-on impossible to remove. We’re talking as fine as the icing sugar on a mince pie. This is all down to the polish so pick wisely. You need to find one that sits between the normal glitter ones and a metallic. 

Winter flowers

A little wintery foliage is the cool, unexpected way to approach holiday nails. If you’re struggling with the fiddly detail, don’t worry as you only need to put this on a few nails for the Christmas effect. Leave the others in a nude of your choice. You’ll need a thin brush and green for the leaves, red to do on the berries and a dark brown for the branches. 

Berry red

Elaborate nail art isn’t for everyone, and it turns out you don’t need each nail to be a masterpiece. A simple coat of a berry red is enough to gesture the holiday season without going overboard. Plus, there’s so many great reds on the market you won’t find it hard to recreate this clean look.

Embellished jewels

Turn your fingernails into actual baubles with some very extra embellishments. The key is to choose a selection of coloured gems and then some tiny golden balls to act as dividers. These are all about the fun so whether your party outfit is an LBD or something even brighter than these nails, you’ll be ready for the dance floor.

Pine-tree green

Closely following red, green has to be the one of the most festive colours going. If you prefer your nails to be on the simple side, then pick a holly-green shade. It’ll be much easier to do mid-week touch ups.

Angelic gold

Gold, frankincense and myrrh inspired nails will go down a treat. Whether you’re more into the yellow or rose gold, there’s a shade for you. Do a few coats of the gold followed by a top coat to make it even more glossy. 

If you’re heading to a salon, we think you won’t regret an almond shaped extension too.

Subtle gold spots

For nail art beginners (that’s us too) a simple spot design is an easy way to start. Begin with two coats of a wintery colour of your choice - we are loving red, green and purple. Then using a cocktail stick dipped in a different shade, place a few dots down one side of your nail. What could be easier?

Gold leaf holly

Test your DIY skills with this gold leaf holly design. Begin with a coat of nude and when tacky but not wet, dab on some gold leaf with a small paintbrush in little clusters. Use a cocktail stick to dot on a few berries around the gold leaf. Now spend the next few days gazing in delight at your handiwork. 

Matte art deco

These may be slightly fiddly but the pay off is definitely worth it. Begin with a coat of the gold colour (or the shade of your choice) all over your nails and wait for it to dry. Then using ring reinforcing stickers, place one or two next to each other with the curve following the curve of the tip of your nail. 

Then put on two different shades, one for the tip and one for the bottom. Carefully peel off the stickers and layer with two coats of a matte top coat.

Fuschia and gold 

If neatness isn’t your strong point then this is the party look for you. First lay down a clear base coat, following once dry with a gold covering the tip of the nail and swishing it down asymmetrically. 

Once this is dry do the same shape on top in another colour, just about 2/3mm above the gold shade. This will give you a topsy turvy french manicure look. Get ready for nails that look like little sugared almonds.  


Who doesn’t love a bit of tartan, especially at Christmas? Well we love it so much we want it on our nails too. You’ll need a stippling brush, or any fine brush, and a very steady hand. Pop down a base colour and wait for it to dry, then use the brush to cross hatch in white, then in red. 

Make sure you shift the pattern for the second colour so both colours come through. This may take some practice, but we think it’s worth it!

Abstract party nails

Less about Christmas, more about partying. These abstract nails are nothing if not fun. There is no right or wrong way to do these nails, they’re all unique creations. Play about with colours and shapes and bring the party to the office with these nails.

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