The 5 stages to finding a new signature scent

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Signature scents are like soulmates. There’s one out there for everyone, but they’re not always easy to find. Here’s how to secure yours…     

Finding a scent that represents your personality is harder than finding a long-term relationship on Tinder. 

From florals to musks, there are thousands of fragrances out there, but which one is really the one for you?

From knowing what you’re looking for to avoiding sensory overload, follow these five steps to find your new signature scent.  

  • 1. Set your intention

    First, decide when and where you’ll want to wear your new perfume.

    Is this a daytime scent that can take you from boardroom meetings to weekend brunches, or are you looking for something to wear when the sun goes down?

    Or, do you need a transitional fragrance that can slot in your handbag for both day and night?

    Nailing your time and place is essential before you start your search.

  • 2. Hit the right note

    Nailing the notes in your perfume is tantamount to sealing the deal when it comes to finding your new scent.

    While floral fragrances, unsurprisingly, contain a bouquet of blossom notes, oriental perfumes are warm, rich and musky. 

    You’ll find pine, vetiver and sandalwood in woody scents, with fresh fragrances characterised by light, airy notes.

    If you’re looking for a scent with a fruity spritz and a hint of musk, Jimmy Choo Floral is the perfect fragrance to add to your every look. 

    With top notes of juicy nectarine and mandarin oil, heart notes of sweet pea and apricot flower and base notes of musk and blond wood, it has a layer for every nose.  

  • 3. Sniff out your scent

    Stepping into a fragrance hall can be overwhelming, so don’t feel like you have to try every perfume you’re offered.

    So as not to overwhelm your nose with a barrage of fragrances aim to try around three scents at a time and really take them in.

    If you want to try more than three, take a break and come back later. 

  • 4. Live with it

    Fragrances are made up of base, heart and top notes, so it’s important not to judge a perfume at first smell.

    On first spritz, you’ll be able to detect how the top notes interact with your skin. After around 20 minutes, the heart notes should start to shine through. As the name suggests, this is the true body of the perfume.

    Then there’s base notes, which linger on your skin the longest and can be detected after up to an hour. 

    As this is the scent most people will smell on you, it’s important to test a potential perfume over this period of time before making a commitment.

    Have a spray, then walk away. If after an hour you still love it, it might just be the fragrance for you.

  • 5. Make it your own

    Once you’ve got your new scent, it’s time to work on the ‘signature’ part.

    Start wearing your fragrance every morning or evening, adding an extra spritz in your hair or on your clothes. 

    You can even ask the fragrance counter if the perfume comes in a set with a body wash or lotion, which will help to prolong the scent throughout the day or night.

    Before long, people will start to associate this new fragrance with you and voila, a signature scent is born. 

Feel inspired? Make Jimmy Choo Floral your new signature scent.

Illustrations by Louisa Cannell.