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Welcome to the Stylist Hair 100, our expert edit of the hundred hottest hairstyles right now. Updated weekly with looks from the spring/summer shows, A-list red carpet events and leading salons' look books, this is the place to come for pre-hair appointment inspiration, as well as styling tips and tricks from the experts to do it yourself at home. Check out all the latest hairstyles below.

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  • Beyoncé's short curly crop

    To balance out her soft and sexy dress, Beyoncé has opted for a short curly style, with a dark lip. This woman can do no wrong.

  • Cyndi Lauper's shocking red hair

    It’s red and has a bit of a bird’s nest vibe going on but it is amazing. All hail the queen of colourful hair Cyndi Lauper

  • Paris Hilton's delicate chignon

    Let’s be honest, Paris Hilton doesn’t normally get it right in the style stakes but this chignon-cum-french-plait is probably our favourite from the whole of the Grammys.

  • Pink's spiky do

    Pink does quiffy hair fairly regularly. You could say that’s her signature style. That said, we applaud her punky look, which she’s paired with a bright red dress.

  • Lorde's dark hair

    In case you didn't know, the dark gothic look is making a comeback. Dark lips came first, now, thanks to Lorde, we’re coveting long black witchy hair.

  • Amber Heard's messy up 'do

    The windswept look gives off that impression that you don't really care enough to brush your hair, which is why Amber Heard gets full marks for her messy up 'do.

  • Sandra Bullock's ponytail

    Despite the fact that there were a few people who didn't like Sandy's Prabal Gurung gown (for the record, we loved it), she should at least get praised for rocking the ultimate sleek ponytail.

  • Rashida Jones' pretty ballerina bun

    The Parks and Recreation star opted for a pretty ballerina bun at the Golden Globes.

  • Margot Robbie's side bun

    Hollywood newcomer Margot Robbie is a rising star and is currently staring in The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio. She went understated with a side-parted low bun for the Golden Globes which offset her dramatic dress.

  • Helen Mirren's short wavy crop

    Helen Mirren rarely gets it wrong and this short but wavy crop is testament to her solid fashion sense. The simple yet chic nature of her hair style emphasises the brilliant jade green she's wearing too.

  • Kat Dennings' old-school glamour

    Want to channel Jessica Rabbit à la Kat Dennnings at last night's People's Choice Awards? All you need is tumbling curls.

  • Amy Adam's low bun

    If you're having a bad hair day, there's nothing better than rolling your tresses into a chic low bun. Glamour with minimal effort.

  • Kristen Wiig's sleek bob

    When wearing an adventurous, albeit stylish dress, you need an un-fussy hairstyle. Kristen Wiig's sleek, side-parted bob seen at last night's People's Choice Awards is exactly that - sophisticated enough to balance out the dress.

  • Naya Rivera

    Bravo to Naya Rivera who has opted to steer clear of the ubiquitous ombre hair trend and gone for an all-over colour change. Her honey locks compliment her skin tone perfectly.

  • Jennifer Hudson's pixie crop

    How much do we love this short cropped 'do on Jennifer Hudson? While she's sported this look since late last year, we especially love this quiffy version.

  • Natalie Portman's shoulder length ombre

    This trend doesn't seem to be dyeing (sorry) down any time soon. Here is the exceptionally beautiful Natalie Portman with a shoulder length and sleek 'do with a perfect ombre colour.

  • Diana Agron's Sixties up 'do

    Being pale and blonde, Diana Agron can carry off this look very well. The tight chignon with a side fringe looks brilliant against the pastel eyes and pink lips.

  • Kat Dennings' loose tresses

    At the premiere of Thor: The Dark World, Kat Dennings sports tumbling waves in her brunette hair - an ideal pairing with her structured gown.

  • Michelle William's comb over

    While comb overs usually conjure images of balding men wearing bad suits, Michelle William's extreme parting with her hair creating bangs over one side really gives her elegant cocktail gown an edge. Bonus points for flawless skin, rep lips and dark berry nails.

  • Doutzen Kroes Game of Thrones hair

    We reckon Doutzen Kroes has been watching Game of Thrones by the looks of her tousled hair. The half-up, half-down look with twists in the middle makes her striking outfit look more feminine.

  • Christina Hendrick's curly bob

    The words 'bob' and 'curly' shouldn't go together. It's a bit like adding 'frizzy' and 'fringe' together. That said, this curly bob, worn by Christina Hendricks is a particularly lovely version. It's flirty and girly but also sophisticated. Well done that woman.

  • Malin Akerman's side parting

    There's nothing quite so slinky as the poker-straight side parting. Malin's version perfectly complements her white jumpsuit.

  • Rihanna's grey hair

    Thanks to Rihanna grey hair is officially in. The beauty about this look is, if you're already going grey, you just need to leave the hair in, rather than meticulously pulling out each white hair you spot. Otherwise, you could opt for some grey hair dye. We expect the blue rinse to make a comeback shortly.

  • Cate Blanchett's severe side parting

    While she hasn't gone to the same extremes as Miley Cyrus, Cate Blanchett's hairstyle has a similar look as if it's been shaved. The side parting, which reaches right up to the far back of the crown of her head, gives this style a fashion forward edge. A cooler, younger look, but one which definitely works.

  • Zosia Mamet's natural tresses

    Better known as Shoshanna in Girls, Zosia has opted for the 'wash, then leave to dry' approach to styling. But that's not to say it's bad, rather it's so chic, we're chucking away our hairdryer as we speak (OK, we're just putting it in the draw, but you catch our drift).

  • Rose Byrne's messy up do

    Messy hair is best in the warmer weather, so why not go for a similar style to Rose Byrne's?

  • Rachel Bilson's half up and half down style

    We've been somewhat obsessed with Rachel Bilson's wardrobe ever since she was on The O.C. as Summer Roberts. Not to mention the fact that she's always got lovely hair. This tousled half up/ half down do is the best way to wear summer hair.

  • Kelly Rowland's dual texture ponytail

    It's business at the front, party at the back for Kelly Rowland, with an interesting ponytail that's ideal for hot weather.

    Beauty expert Newby Hands says: “This is definitely a look that works best on holiday, with sleek wet-look hair slicked back into a messy, frizzy volume in the lengths."

    " Make sure hair is sleek and straight before starting, and prep it with a frizz control spray "

    " Use a wet look gel such as TIGI Catwalk Wet Look Gel (£10.15) to slick hair back from roots to where you secure the ponytail "

    "Then use salt spray on the ponytail to give the lengths a contrasting matte, messy finish – scrunch it up for added texture. "

  • The detailed bun

    As well as being a winner for Ralph Lauren at the SS13 shows, a clean and chic bun at the nape of the neck works well in a heatwave.

    Newby Hands, the editorial director of beauty retailer Feel Unique, advises, “Get that catwalk finish by spritzing hairspray such as Redken Quick Dry Finishing Spray (£3.15 for 100ml on over palms before smoothing hands over the head, then blow dry the length of the ponytail with a round brush or use straighteners to get that perfect finish.”

  • Supersize matte hair

    Cast aside images of Joanna Lumley's gigantic Ab Fab 'do, the classic '60s beehive is back and it's extra matte.

    To get the wide and high beehive, Newby Hands, editorial director at Feel Unique advises using products such as Schwarzkopf Professional Mattifying Powder (£9.84) or Fudge Matte Textures Spray (£10.45).

    "Use them on post blow-dry hair to give hair a super easy texture to reshape and rebuild volume with your hands throughout the day," she says.

  • Kate Moss' dirty blonde locks

    Abbey Clancy, Millie Mackintosh, Kate Moss... all the blondes are opting for a dark, sophisticated hue. Try the dark honey look with Naturtint's Hazelnut Blonde (£9.99), which is also free of ammonia, parabens or resorcinol.

  • The textured look

    Good news, this edgy, tousled look is also a "day-old hair" cheat. If you're not keen on missing a wash, use a salt spray or texturing mousse such as L’Oreal Professional Techni Art Constructor (£11.05) on the lengths and ends of damp hair.

    Then, beauty expert Newby Hands, suggests: "Skip the brush and use your fingers to scrunch and add texture. You can also lightly tong a few random sections and tease them out using your fingers to give that slightly dishevelled look. To keep this looking cool and ‘catwalk’, don’t curl the last two inches of the hair ends."

  • Chloë Sevigny's slick bob

    Have we told you lately how much we love Chloë Sevigny? Ever since we became obsessed with The Last Days of Disco, we've loved her style. And she's still managing to keep up that hipster appeal, without ever coming across as too try hard. Here she's sporting a rather lovely bob with a geek-chic edge.

  • Lesley Mann's top knot

    The top knot isn't going away anytime soon. So grab those kirby grips and fashion your hair into one similar to Lesley Mann's. The messier the better for a summertime take on it.

  • Hayden Panettiere's quiff

    This quiff would take some effort (not to mention a whole can and a half of hairspray) to create but we love the way it gives Hayden's pretty features a hard edge.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker's ombre hair colour

    Another trend that doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon is the ombre or dip-dye hair colour. And you know it's still good to go if SJP's still doing it.

  • Amy Adams' ladylike style

    Woman of the moment, Amy Adams was dressed elegantly in a strapless Valentino gown at the Man of Steel premiere. To match her outfit, she's styled her hair in a sweet up do and sealed with a hairband on top.

  • Iggy Azalea's ponytail and quiff

    We're a little bit in love with Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea, particularly after we watched the video to her latest single Bounce. Her she's sporting a long ponytail plus an added quiff at the front. We strongly approve.

  • Cara Delevingne's braided hair

    We're partial to any trend that makes us look like a mermaid, which is why we love this braided hairstyle as seen on Cara Delvingne. We're now off to Google where we can buy that ear cuff.

  • Rose McGowan's cropped hair

    There's been a spate of cropped dos, er, cropping up (sorry) all over Hollywood of late. The one that's caught our eye most recently is Rose McGowan's quiffy version.

  • Sienna Millar's Fringe

    Once again Sienna Millar gets it just right on the hair front. This time she's sporting a grown-out fringe with a ponytail.

  • Miranda Kerr's brilliant 80s volume

    Eighties barnet trends weren't all about crimping. In fact, it was volume that was the most important thing. The gorgeous Miranda Kerr has perfected her homage to the decade with this big hair look.

  • Linda Evangelista's slicked back do

    There's a clear trend on red carpets at the moment and that's a very sharp, sleek slicked back look. Get it wrong and you might end up looking a little greasy but get it right and you look ever so sophisticated.

  • Natalie Dormer's tumbling curls

    Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer's beautiful full curls are the stuff of hair legend. Ideally you'd need hot rollers to get this right but once it's done you'll feel like a princess.

  • Emilia Fox's chic up do

    At the Bafta's, the Charles Worthington team created Emilia Fox's up do. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

    STEP 1. Prepare the hair with the Charles Worthington Amplifying Volume Treatment.

    STEP 2. Use a round brush to blow dry the hair. Once the hair is dry start at the front, pick up sections of the hair and roll from one side to the other.

    STEP 3. Once all the hair is secured in place, pull the fingers through the hair to break up.

    STEP 4. Finally to keep the hair looking glossy with lashings of hairspray.

  • Jessica Szohr's bob and side-parting

    Side-partings needn't be reserved for those who have long horse-mane style hair. Former Gossip Girl star, Jessica Szohr's lightly curled bob is a modern and sophisticated take on the 1920s look. We'll be nicking her make-up style too.

  • Salma Hayek's quiff

    The quiff is not always an easy trend to pull off. While you don't want go completely Elvis, you still want to have a 'do that says you're not afraid to experiment. Salma's got it just right by creating a quiff at the front of her hair but leaving the rest of her tresses down. Punky, yet still feminine.

  • The halo braid

    At the Erdem LFW show the Charles Worthington team created the angelic halo braid. Want to recreate this look? Follow this simple guide:

    STEP 1: Prepare the hair by blow drying upside down to create maximum volume and will help the style to hold.

    STEP 2: Once dry, work Charles Worthington Salon at Home Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse £5.99 through the hair paying particular attention to the hairline.

    STEP 3: Start with a classic french plait from the nape of the neck just above the left ear and then work your way around the hairline from left to right (you are braiding from ear to ear). Ensure that you bring the hair up to the front of the head as you braid.

    STEP 4: Apply a pea size amount of wax into the palm of your hands and gently glide over the underneath of the plait. This will give definition and shine to the style as well as additional hold.

    STEP 5: Continue to braid around the head in a circular motion clockwise. When you reach the opposite point, start to pull in the isolated section of hair to continue where you started. Once you get to the end, finish the lengths and ends with a normal plait and secure with a clear hair band.

    STEP 6: If you have any excess hair, fold this back on itself and tuck under the original plait to disguise where the plait starts and ends. Then hold in place with a couple of grips to secure the style.

    STEP 7: Finish the look with a fine mist of hairspray and use your fingers to buff the front of the hairline to break up the plait and create a soft fluffy halo effect.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith's classic blow-dry

    You can't go wrong with a classic blow-dry. Here's Jada Pinkett Smith showing us how it's done.

  • Ellen Page's tousled hair

    Ellen Page does laid-back glamour extremely well. Witness her lightly curled hair that gives her cool and nonchalant approach to style an edge, without going too far down the Kristen Stewart almost unwashed look.

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Chic Top Knot

    We love this sleek take on the top knot as worn by actress and model Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the Cannes red carpet.

  • Isla Fisher's Posh Ponytail

    Sculpted updos are a bit of a faff but this chic ponytail rocked by Isla Fisher at the Now You See Me film premiere proves that wearing your barnet up doesn't have to take too much work.

  • The Nape Knot

    At the Roksanda A/W13 show the Charles Worthington team created the nape Knot. Want to recreate this look? Follow this simple guide:

    1. Create a centre parting and smooth the hair back into a very low ponytail on the nape of the neck.

    2. Contrasting the severity of the front section, massage Charles Worthington Salon at Home Split Ends Binder into the tail of the pony to create a textured, backcombed effect.

    3. Twist the length of the tail before wrapping it around the base of the pony to create a knot.

    4. Secure the knot with pins, allowing the tips to escape out to one side.

    5. Use the palm of your hand to gently massage the knot and allow flyaway strands to escape.

    6. Using a touch of hairspray the onto your fingertips then use them to smooth the hair at the parting.

  • Jessica Chastain's glamorous side-parting

    First Cara Delevingne, now Jessica Chastain- the side-parting is clearly the way to go for red carpet ready hair. The added waves in Jessica's give it some extra glamour.

  • Kylie's Plaited Updo

    Sure, it's slightly more complicated but this would work brilliantly if you're hair isn't quite clean enough to wear down. The plaits give it that flirty, girly edge.

  • Nicole Kidman's rockabilly ponytail

    Normally one for straightforward styles, Nicole Kidman wowed the crowds at the Cannes film premiere of The Great Gatsby with this edgy rockabilly-inspired ponytail.

  • Berenice Bejo's braided crown

    Berenice Bejo opted for a cute daytime during a photocall at the Cannes Film Festival 2013, pairing a bold blue ensemble from Louis Vuitton with a pretty braided up 'do.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Naomie Harris' high fishtail braid

    We're glad to see the fishtail braid has not fallen out of favour; Bond girl Naomie Harris kept the look well and truly alive working a high plaited ponytail at The Great Gatsby film premiere during Cannes.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Katie Chang's bejewelled bun

    The Bling Ring film actress Katie Chang added a heavy dose of, well, bling to her vintage-style up 'do, embellishing her hairstyle with statement clips from Dior Fine Jewellery for her red carpet appearance at Cannes.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Carey Mulligan's twisted bun

    Carey Mulligan's sleek, strapless Calvin Klein dress offered the perfect frame for this complex twisted bun hairstyle.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Leigh Lezark's sleek bob

    After ditching her trademark black hair for blonde locks in February, New York DJ Leigh Lezark seems to have settled nicely into her new look. This sleek, chin-skimming bob is perfect for showcasing elfin features.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • TRESemme's textured and tousled look

    Summer's on its way and whether you're going on holiday or not, here's an easy way to get those coveted beach-style waves, with dry hair:

    1 Starting from the nape of the neck, take one large section of hair at a time, wrapping it round a TRESemme wand. Leave a small section at the end to keep it loose and casual looking.

    2 Repeat until all hair is curled.

    3 Brush through using a soft bristled brush to make it look natural and give it a beachy look

    4 Flip hair forward and spray with TRESemme Texture Style Tousled Wave Spray, holding it at arm’s length for even coverage.

    5 Flip back again and lightly shake your head so the hair falls naturally.

    Picture credit: TRESemme

  • Nicole Riche's new fringe

    It seems the choppy front fringe is the look du jour with the celebrity contingent at the moment, with Nicole Richie joining the likes of Sienna Miller and Star Trek's Alice Eve in debuting a new full fringe at a party in New York.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Estelle's bouncy curls

    Just like her no-nonsense attitude, Estelle usually wears her hair set in a sleek and unfussy 'do, but she's been loosening things up of late; these bouncy curls are a particular favourite with us.

  • Yifang Wan's rich boho look

    Created by the Toni & Guy label. m team, the hair at the Yifang Wan spring/summer 2013 show was inspired by a simple, chic Jil Sander meets Helmut Lang look: centre-parted and gorgeously glossy. Here's how to recreate the style:

    1 Prep hair with label.m protein spray to create a light, hydrated natural sheen.

    2 Centre-part the hair with a pintail comb for a clean and precise finish.

    3 Take a horizontal section across the head either side of the ears, divide this just above the ear, exposing some of the length.

    4 Smooth the remaining top section up and over the ear, pinning neatly at the nape. Finish with a misting of label.m Hairspray to hold.

    Picture credit: Toni & Guy

  • Charlize Theron's curled crop

    Like fellow actress Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron appears to be taking to her new short crop like a duck to water, attending the GLAAD Awards 2013 with a curled version of her edgy 'do.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • TRESemme's vintage waves

    Achieve this elegant look with TRESemme Keratin Smooth range. Here’s how:

    1 Wash hair with Keratin Infusing Shampoo, then follow up with Keratin Restoring Conditioner, which leaves the hair’s shafts healthy and shiny.

    2 Treat with Keratin Deep Treatment Masque to give it extra nourishment, to make sure it stays smooth.

    3 Blow dry, spraying it with Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray.

    4 Starting halfway down your scalp, use Alligator clips to pin your hair all the way down, a couple of inches apart in a Marcel Wave fashion.

    5 Take the clips out, brush through and re-spray with the Shine Spray.

    Picture credit: TRESemme

  • Kate Hudson's surfer-girl hair

    Kate Hudson's mussed-up, surfer-girl hair is the perfect foil to her glam daytime look. As a native Californian this look comes naturally to her, for the rest of us, Bumble and bumble's Surf Spray will be essential for recreating this style.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Kelly Rowland's tousled top knot

    Wearing a top or dress with a high neck? Make like Kelly Rowland and show off your garment's design detail by pulling hair into a sleek but soft top knot.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Nova Chiu's natural low bun

    Nova Chiu's spring/summer 2013 collection was filled with manipulated images of scenic landscapes. The catwalk hair look, created by Toni & Guy, was equally inspired by the great outdoors. Models' were given low ponytails that were turned into buns, reflecting an earthy nature-lover who has been camping for a few days.

    Picture credit: Toni & Guy

  • Sara Sampaio’s bouncy waves

    Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio is giving us some serious hair envy with those luscious waves!

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Sami Gayle’s smooth elfin crop

    Proving that short hair can be just as glamorous as long tresses is actress Sami Gayle and her sleek elfin crop.

    Tip: For short hair as smooth and as shiny as Sami’s, make a good quality smoothing product your best friend - apply before blow-drying while hair is still damp, and use to tame flyaways for that final polish.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Olga Kurylenko’s romantic side bun

    Olga Kurylenko may have been at a red carpet event, but her pretty side bun has ‘wedding hairstyle’ written all over it.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Fiammetta Cicogna’s sleek high ponytail

    Italian TV presenter Fiammetta Cicogna brought the glamour and then some with this super-sleek high ponytail.

    Tip: Keep the pony free from product for a fresh modern feel.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Bella Thorne’s festival fishtail plait

    Bella Thorne turned her polished fishtail braid into a fun festival look by adding on bold daisy hair decorations.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Scarlet colour at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

    Red: proven to make the heart beat faster, get yours truly racing with a vibrant red shade like this one, as seen backstage at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2013.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Rachel McAdams' twisted top knot

    Rachel McAdams showed off her new red hair colour (“My mother is a redhead, so I thought maybe I could pull it off,” she shared with People magazine) by piling it high into a twisted 'Mr Whippy' top knot.

    Tip: Rachel's hairstylist Mark Townsend gave the star's locks some extra shine by using a small amount of Dove's Color Care Leave on Conditioner.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • January Jones' plaited up 'do

    January Jones has admitted that her hair has been wrecked by constant colouring for film and TV roles, but it looked pretty cool worn in this nonchalant plaited up 'do at the Coach Children's Defense League benefit.

    Picture credit: Getty

  • Sophia Bush's polished ballerina bun

    Sophia Bush showcased her face-framing fringe by wearing the rest of her hair up in a polished ballerina bun.

    Tip: Soften the effect of a sleek bun by pulling out a few tendrils of hair around the sides of the face.

    Picture credit: Rex

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's beachy waves

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley debuted a new shorter-length 'do at a recent party in LA. To complement her naturally casual-cool look, Rosie wore her hair in soft beachy waves - minus the salt spray.

    Image: Rex

  • Jessica Paré's sleek parting and ponytail

    As seen on the Jil Sander, Ralph Lauren and Versace catwalks, Mad Men's Jessica Paré added an edgy twist to her simple low ponytail by wearing it with a sleek centre-parting.

    Tip: Start with freshly washed and slightly damp hair for a perfect, sleek ponytail.

    Image: Rex

  • Emmy Rossum's vintage pin curls

    Sporting a new short bob hairstyle, actress Emmy Rossum added a vintage feel to her look with pretty 30s-inspired pin curls.

    Image: Rex

  • Teyonah Parris' extreme up 'do

    No stranger to the glamorous up 'do, Mad Men''s Teyonah Parris added some extra height to her look by styling her natural Afro hair into an extreme high bun.

    Image: Rex

  • Duchess of Cambridge's oversized bun

    It's not often we see the Duchess of Cambridge with her hair up, but Kate decided to give the look a go for this year's St Patrick's Day parade.

    Tip: Prep hair with a volumising spray applied to the roots and mid-lengths. Dry with a vent brush lifting the hair in an upwards motion or, tip your head upside down to create lift at the roots.When hair is 95% dry, set in large Velcro rollers all over to add volume and movement.

    Image: Rex

  • STRUCTURE Collection's long waves - Look 1

    This look has been created by Damian Carney for STRUCTURE using STRUCTURE's Beach Texture Spray (£10.95; Damian says: To get the look, rough dry hair so it’s about 80-90% dry and then heavily spritz STRUCTURE Beach onto the root area a section at a time. Once complete, blow-dry the product into the hair and scalp using a diffuser for a gorgeous wavy style with a modern, yet defined texture.

    Picture credits: Hair: Damien Carney for STRUCTURE Products: STRUCTURE Photography: Hama Sanders Styling: Bernard Connelly Make-up: Kenneth Soh

  • STRUCTURE Collection's long waves - Look 3

    This look has been created by Damian Carney for STRUCTURE. Damian says: Apply STRUCTURE Dust Matte Hair

    Powder (£12.95) to the root area. Start at the crown and heavily massage the product into the scalp to promote volume and lift. Next, spritz STRUCTURE Finish Working Spray (£9.95; onto your hands, and scrunch your hands through your hair. Then, apply more product onto your hands, coil your hair around itself and run your hands along the section for sexy, defined waves in an instant.

    Picture credits: Hair: Damien Carney for STRUCTURE Products: STRUCTURE Photography: Hama Sanders Styling: Bernard Connelly Make-up: Kenneth Soh

  • Angel Haze's romantic long curls

    American rapper Angel Haze added a soft romantic texture to her hair by tonging the lower sections for an easy, beachy look.

    Image: Rex

  • Chloë Sevigny's 60s crop

    Chloë Sevigny matched her 80s Chloé dress with an equally retro hair look: a side-swept fringe and those all important curled ends give her 'do a cool 60s vibe.

    Image: Rex

  • Emilia Fox's halo plait

    It's been years since we saw halo plaits first appear on the catwalk at Erdem, but the hair trend shows no signs of going away - Emilia Fox's textured front plait is just further proof.

    Image: Rex

  • Naomi Watts' flicked short bob

    Great short hair inspiration comes courtesy of Naomi Watts who used loose flicks and gentle waves to add movement to her short bobbed style.

    Image: Getty

  • Jessica Alba's top knot

    Jessica Alba matched her mandarin collar dress with an Oriental-inspired top knot for a perfect east-meets-west beauty look at the Shiatzy Chen Paris Fashion Week show.

    Image: Rex

  • Blake Lively's polished waves

    Blake Lively went for a modern take on the classic blow-dry sporting these easy, polished waves to an event in New York.

    Image: Rex

  • Bella Thorne's beribboned fishtail plait

    Teen actress and singer Bella Thorne added a girlish feel to her fishtail plait by weaving in blue and green velvet ribbons.

    Image: Rex

  • Candyfloss colour from JOICO's Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd

    Southern Hairdresser of the Year award-winner, Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd, owner of the Wigg salon in Henley-on-Thames proved that candyfloss hair colours are not just for the fairground.

    Image: Joico/Barry Jeffery

  • Bold colour flash from NHF Inspire

    This season the NHF Inspire Art Team took their cues from this summer's colour-pop fashion trend, incorporating subtle flashes into models' hair. "The hair throughout this collection radiates a fresh and playful feel, with its natural appearance. I love the way we have a variation of colours to demonstrate this whether it be the striking red or icy blonde models, flashes of colour in the hair, the clothes or the make-up," explained Colin McAndrew, NHF Inspire Manager.

    Image: NHF Inspire Art Team;

  • Low waves from NHF Inspire

    Inject some summer romance into your look with this soft, low wave hairstyle from NHF Inspire's new Purity Collection.

    Tip: Take the plunge - a statement colour will add strength to this feminine style.

    Image: NHF Inspire Art Team;

  • Daisy Lowe's effortless fishtail braid

    Daisy Lowe opted for this effortlessly-dishevelled fishtail braid during Paris Fashion Week.

    Tip: Follow Daisy's lead and update the fishtail plait by styling strands of hair around the face.

    Image: Rex

  • Kate Beckinsale's high ponytail

    Kate Beckinsale's bouncy high ponytail was the perfect foil to all her Oscar's after-party finery.

    Tip: Emulate Kate's hairstyle by first using a volumizing spray to give the hair plenty of bounce before curling, then whip it up into a gentle high ponytail.

    Image: Rex

  • Emmy Rossum's baroque bun

    Emmy Rossum gave her sleek braided bun a thorough 'dressing up' for her attendance at Elton John and Vanity Fair's Oscars after-parties, adding on an opulent pearl-and-aquamarine headpiece by Chopard.

    Tip: Emmy's look is perfect for adding drama to evening outfits.

    Image: Rex

  • Jessica Chastain's loose side waves

    Instead of going for full-on retro styling, Jessica Chastain opted for loose side-swept waves for her attendance at a pre-Oscars party. The result? An effortless, polished daytime look.

    Image: Rex


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