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30 of the best quick and easy ways to style short hair; from pixie crops to bobs

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Sarah Biddlecombe

Here at we are a fan of all things hair and, of course, we are constantly on the look out for new and interesting ways to style up our dos.

We don't have the time (or the money!) to visit the hairdressers every morning so we are always hunting down quick and easy hair tutorials that we can follow at home ourselves and still have time to eat breakfast and take a few minutes of precious me-time.

Here we have found 30 ridiculously quick and easy hairstyles for short hair that are simple to do but will have the compliments rolling in. From pixie crops to bobs, we've got something new for you to try.

  • Twisted fringe

    This twisted braid is a sweet way to jazz up the front of a pixie crop - and it only takes three minutes to create. Beauty blogger Whippy Cake shows you how in her video tutorial.

  • Pixie mohawke

    Fun and edgy, a mohawke is the perfect holiday and weekend look. You will need plenty of hairspray to keep it in place; beauty blogger Lyndsay Johnson has got the lowdown on how.

  • messy quiff

    We love a good quiff for days when we want to style up our hair but are short on time. Blogger A Beautiful Mess shows how to achieve the perfect quiff in just two simple steps.

  • Messy bed hair

    Bed hair, don't care? Create the ultimate messy look with this video tutorial from blogger Mummy Wife Chaos

  • Side French braid

    A cool look that takes little effort? Yes please. Real Simple has a tutorial on how to create a super speedy french braid, and all you need is a single hair bobble.

  • the curly pixie

    Using straighteners to curl your hair might sound unusual, but it's really effective and saves you from shelling out for an expensive curling iron. This easy tutorial from LaLaStar0002 shows how to achieve the perfect curls with straighteners, even on a short pixie crop.

  • Slicked back pixie

    This hairstyle is so easy you can even do it on wet hair (and five minutes saved on blow drying means five minutes extra in bed). Blogger Catching Kerosene has put together this nifty tutorial to show you how.

  • Bouffant

    Like a quiff but bigger, this look requires a bit of hairspray and backcombing; but the results are worth it. Follow blogger Whippy Cake's guest tutorial for Nothing But Pixies to get the look.

  • the wave

    If you're looking for something a little different, the wave is a nifty way to style up a wet look. You can achieve this look with just some gel and a wide-toothed comb; blogger Sunnie Brook shows you how in this video tutorial of six easy looks.

  • Loose beach waves

    Come summer, loose beach waves are all we want in our hair (even if we're in the office at our desks rather than on the beach itself!) This look can be created with lots of salt spray; have a look at Little Miss Momma's tutorial for more detail.


  • Big curls

    Big curls with lots of definition will add volume to even the finest hair.Get the look with a video tutorial from blogger Beth Johnson.

  • Slicked back pixie

    Pixie cut's don't have to be perfect! This messy wet look can be achieved in under two minutes, making it the perfect go-to style for those mornings when you've hit the snooze button one too many times (we've all been there). Sina Velke shows you how in her cool tutorial video.

  • Clipped back pixie

    A fun and easy look that you takes literally ten seconds to create, the clipped back pixie simply involves pinning back a small section of your hair. Carissa Emily shows you how to do it like a pro in her easy video tutorial.

  • Half up, half down

    This is an effortlessly cool look that takes less than a minute to create. Simply secure half your bob in a hair band as a messy bun and pull out a few loose strands. Head to Her Campus for more.

  • Smooth and Sleek

    Create this beautifully smooth and sleek straight look by using a rounded brush to blow dry wet hair followed by a pair of straighteners to smooth over kinks and frizz. Check out the full tutorial by One Little Momma for more inspiration.

  • Messy short ponytail

    Ponytails aren't just the reserve of those with long, flowing locks. Pop your pixie cut into a pony with the help of some hair grips with this quick video tutorial from Augusta Jeorgia 

  • Braids

    Thought you couldn't braid short hair? Think again! This detailed tutorial from The Beauty Department will show you the way.

  • Fake an updo

    Love short hair but miss being able to create an updo? We hear you. Luckily, Keiko Lynn has a simple tutorial to help you fake it 'til you make it.

  • Victory rolls

    Channel the forties with these big, precise victory rolls and add in a hair flower for an extra dash of prettiness. Lisa Freemont Street's video tutorial has easy to follow steps.

  • Plaited bun

    A sweet style that looks more complicated than it is, the plaited bun can be done in less than three minutes; simply plait your hair back and secure in a bun. For more details, blogger Mallory1712 has a great video tutorial.

  • Side knot

    We love this quirky side knot, as it gives a classic messy look an extra edge. Get the look with Real Simple's tutorial.

  • Messy top knot

    A messy top knot is one of our regular go to styles and this tutorial from Ma Nouvelle Road will show you how to achieve the look with even a short pixie crop.

  • Twisted ballerina bun

    Twists are easy to create and this twisted ballerina bun not only looks great but is also really simple to do. You make a bun with the top half of your hair and then twist sections of the lower half up into the bun - and voila! You can check out the full tutorial by Style Craze here.

  • Big volume bob

    This big volume, angled bob is the perfect day to night look. Mousse and hairspray will help keep it in place; Total Betty Society has made an easy to follow tutorial video to help you get the look.

  • Cute bow

    The definitive nostalgic hairstyle, this look can be varied with accessories such as a jewelled clip or different coloured bows. Beauty blogger Make Me Up Erica has made a simple video tutorial.

  • Double dutch braid

    One of the most genius things about the double dutch braid is that it can be done without using any hair products; all you need is a clear elastic to secure the ends. LaLaStar0002 has a great tutorial for getting this look in just five minutes.

  • Messy waves

    Wavy, messy hair is a classic look for summer days. The style can be achieved with curling tongs but, if you don't have any, you can also plait wet hair and style once dry. Blogger Still Glamorous has a great tutorial.

  • Twisted boho updo

    A quick twist can add an instant touch of glamour to any low key hairstyle. Blogger Jackie Perdue's brilliant tutorial shows how to do a boho updo with twists in less than two minutes.

  • Romantic updo

    The perfect style for weddings, the romantic updo involves a bit of trickery to hide the grips under your hair. Learn how to twist your hair like a pro with a Kin Community tutorial.

  • The tiny knot

    For a hairstyle that will make people look twice, we love the tiny knot; a subtle, barely-there addition that can easily be twisted into any hairstyle. Check out the video tutorial from Patry Jordan for more information.

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