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Blow-drying just became easy

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After washing your hair and rough-drying it with a towel, you start your regular morning stare-off with your hairdryer. You fear the dryer. You resent it. No matter how much you try to mimic the way your hairdresser brandishes one, when you do it yourself, your hair always ends up looking the same: sad, flat and uninspiring. It’s almost like your dryer hates you.

Well, here’s news – it actually doesn’t. It’s just massively frustrated that you insist on using the same rubbish brush you’ve used for 15 years, even though it clearly doesn’t work. Your dryer wants you to use Tangle Teezer’s range of Blow-Styling Tools instead – and you should listen to it.

There are two different blow-styling tools in the Tangle Teezer range, to suit the finish you’re after. Either will take your hair from wet to dry - and fabulous - in one easy step. There’s the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool & the Blow-Styling Round Tool, both of which come in two sizes. Which do you need? Read on.

The Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool delivers a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry. Your hair will be sleek and shiny, with reduced frizz, and you’ll have no need for straightening irons.

The Blow-Styling Round tool is for those who like their hair big. It delivers a blow-dry full of natural bounce, lift & volume. You’ll be swishing it all around in slow-motion.

Both brushes are suitable for all hair types and textures, with innovative teeth designed to flow through the hair with no pulling or tugging, while taking away excess water for faster drying. You’ll need less heat to deliver a perfect, healthy blow-dry. Whichever tool you choose the results will be unbeatable. Your feud with your hairdryer is officially over.

Get the right tools yourself and learn to love your dryer here.