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Daily hair care advice for long-lasting gloss

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Glossy hair isn’t the kind of quality that can be achieved overnight.

However much we yearn after tresses that glow and shimmer, there’s no product in the world that will immediately lend that effect.

Instead, it’s about introducing small changes that will gradually eliminate brittleness and silicon build-up from your daily routine. 

“To achieve glossy hair naturally can be difficult,” says Andrew Collinge, celebrity hairdresser and owner of CO by Andrew Collinge. “But changing the way you wash your hair, as well as the amount of products you use, can have an impact.”

Here’s how to create the conditions for hair that is naturally more sleek and lustrous over time:

Avoid washing your hair too much

“Try not to wash your hair too much, as it will leave it feeling and looking dry and brittle,” says Dylan Brittain, international artistic director and owner of Rainbow Room George Square.

“Try to wash your hair only twice a week if possible,” says Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa. “Once you have washed your hair, finish by rinsing with cold water, which will seal conditioner into your hair and give it super-shine.”

“Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible,” adds Dylan. “This give the hair a break from hairdryer-related heat damage, which can make your hair look and feel dry and damaged.”

Cut down on shampoo and conditioner use

“I would never recommend shampooing your hair twice in one wash,” says Andrew. “This is an old myth that will only strip your hair further of natural oils.

“You may also be using too much of your favourite product. Using too much shampoo and conditioner makes it harder to rinse out, and can leave your hair looking weighed down. It makes it harder to achieve that glossy finish.”

Drink lots of water and get regular cuts

“Diet has a strong influence on the condition of your hair,” notes Karen. “Eating the right foods and drinking lots of water will help make your hair shiny without the need for products.”

“Get regular trims to get rid of split ends, which will keep the hair looking and feeling healthy,” advises Dylan.

Andrew recommends looking to your bed wear to improve the gloss of your hair.

“Swap your regular cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one,” he says. “This will cause less friction and damage to your hair, meaning it will look healthier and glossier over time.”

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