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Three DIY tricks for super-shiny hair

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Naturally glossy locks that shimmer and sheen is the dream – and it’s an achievable one, too, with a little TLC fuelling the right approach to your everyday hair-care routine.

“The way you treat your hair when it is damp can have a real impact on the shine and condition of your hair in general,” notes Philip Bell, artistic director at Ishoka Hairdressing. “Always use a wide-bristle brush to de-tangle hair after shampooing, and be careful not to tug at your hair too much.”

“The better you treat your hair, the better it will look,” says Dean Jones, founder at Dean Jones Hairdressing. “Always be gentle and try not to use heated styling tools too often. Otherwise your hair will become damaged and that shiny look will become harder to achieve.”

As well as day-to-day maintenance, there are a few homegrown remedies you can use to bring that extra layer of shine.

Here, top stylists share their advice on the best way to DIY-gloss your hair – with the help of washing and drying tips, plus a handful of kitchen cupboard products...

The egg trick

“Eggs are great for your hair, as they are one of the best-known sources of protein and will therefore make the hair stronger and healthier,” says Karen Brown, owner of Hair by JFK

“Simply break two eggs into a bowl mix and apply the mixture to your hair for around 30 minutes. After you have rinsed this out, be sure to wash your hair with a good shampoo to get rid of any smell.”

The honey trick

“If you are looking for a real DIY way to add shine, honey can be a great way to add moisture and soften your strands whilst adding shine,” says Philip.

“As honey is in lots of hair treatments already, you can use it on its own as a hair mask. Simply mix a dollop with warm water and pop it into a spray bottle. Spray lightly through damp hair after washing and you should notice an instant improvement in your hair.”

The oil trick

“An oil massage is great for the hair and rejuvenating dead hair shafts,” says Karen. “If you have a coconut or almond oil in the house, apply this to damp hair and massage into your scalp before rinsing out and washing your hair as you regularly would.”

Dean agrees.

“If your hair looks dry, you can add a little oil to the ends,” he says. “As long as you keep this away from your scalp, it won’t leave your hair looking greasy. Coconut oil works well for this.”

The washing trick

“Getting that shiny, glossy finish has a lot to do with how you wash your hair,” explains Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing.

“If your hair tends to get greasy easily or lacks in body, use a cleansing shampoo and massage it into your scalp. Leave this on for ten minutes with a shower cap to give your hair a really deep clean. After rinsing, you should wash your hair as normal and follow with a small amount of conditioner.

“If you want lots of shine, try not to use too much conditioner,” he adds. “Brush it through in the shower when your hair is still wet, as this will help ensure there is no residue – which can make your hair look oily and greasy, instead of shiny.”

“My top tip is don’t over-wash your hair, twice per week should be enough for most hair types,” says Dean.

“Try using a soft cotton T-shirt to wrap your hair in when damp, rather than a harsh towel and never rub your hair dry,” Ross adds. “When brushing damp hair, always start from the bottom and work your way up.”

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