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Easy ways to achieve lasting smoothness

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Smooth, silky hair is the ingredient of many a TV advert – but in real life, that layer of polish seems tricky to achieve.

More often than not, our locks end up limp and lacklustre, or they suffer from a greasy overload of product intended to bring about sleekness. And straightening often makes the situation worse, drying the hair out rather than giving it verve and sheen. 

However, there are a few simple steps we could all take to create a much-needed frisson of everyday gloss.

“To have healthy, shiny hair, getting your hair cut regularly is very important in order to get rid of damage and split ends that cause the hair to look frizzy and dry,” explains Dylan Brittain, international artistic director and owner of Rainbow Room George Square.

“Another quick fix to achieving smooth hair is to sleep on a satin pillowcase, which will avoid frizz and breakage.”

Stylist Nigit Begum agrees, advising clients to sleep on satin or silk rather than cotton.

Read on for more tips on achieving smoothness in the way that you wash, dry and brush your hair every day….

Cold-rinse your hair

“Rinse your hair with cold water after you have been for a shower,” advises Dylan.

“Warm water will open the hair cuticle, whereas cold water will close it. Having a cold-water rinse after you have washed your hair will enable your hair strands to stay flat and smooth.”

Cut back on hairdryers and straighteners 

“My top tip would be to almost detox from heated styling tools for a while,” says Andrew Collinge, celebrity hairdresser and owner of CO by Andrew Collinge.

“Constant use of heated tools on your hair causes damage which dulls your hair and leaves it looking a bit frizzy.

“Instead of blow-drying, try sleeping with your damp hair tied into a bun and in the morning you will have tousled waves with no heat at all.” 

Neil Barton, owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing, agrees.

“Taking a break from heated styling tools will help the hair to look and feel smoother,” he says. “Although flat irons and hairdryers may be a quick-fix for making the hair smoother, using them extensively can make hair coarse and frizzy and can strip it of its natural oils, taking away its shine.”

“If you have to blow-dry your hair, make sure the nozzle end is on and point it downwards. This will seal the hair cuticle,” explains Nigit.

“Finish by blasting the hair with the hairdryer on its cool setting for a quick way of achieving smooth, shiny hair,” says Neil.

Avoid brushing wet hair

“Wet hair is more prone to breakage,” explains Neil. “Therefore, try to avoid brushing the hair when it’s wet and instead, brush the hair before going for a shower to get rid of tangles.”

“Apply a small amount of Moroccan oil conditioner, mid length to ends only,” says Nigit. “Towel-dry your hair, don’t rub it, and gently blot dry.”

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