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Big, bouncy hair with loads of volume is always at the top of our wish list. But achieving it can be hard work; hours of styling and 101 products later, our hair can look and feel flat. Well, not anymore, thanks to Tangle Teezer’s genius hair tool. Introducing Tangle Teezer’s Back-Combing Hairbrush, the only thing you need for maximum volume and texture this Christmas.

Designed to work on all hair lengths and textures, the unique two-tiered teeth have a greater density at the base of the brush to get really close to the roots. And unlike traditional backcombing which can result in split ends, snapping and breakage, this does the job gently as the teeth reach deeply into each section of hair with zero matting or tangling. And what better time to invest in such a brilliant product than Christmas, the season to be glamorous. We’ve done the hard work for you to create five fail-safe looks to get you through the party season in style. You’re welcome…

1. The beehive

Classic like Hepburn or sexy like Bardot, however you wear your beehive we’ve got the secret weapon to making it a doddle. Step up Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Hairbrush. With unique two-tiered teeth it creates plenty of oomph and volume. Take small sections of hair and gently push towards the root – there is minimal damage and zero tangling due to its nifty design. Gather your hair into a ponytail, securing it loosely once inch from the ends with a hair tie. Roll the tail under itself, until it sits high on the crown, and pin into place. Use the pointed end of your brush to neaten, tidy and tease any loose strands. A spritz of hairspray, optional. 

2. The modern pony

You want this to be super-smooth and sleek, so blow-dry your hair using your Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool. Once dry, take the top section of the hair and pin it out of the way so you can easily get to the hair underneath. Using your Tangle Teezer Back-Combing hairbrush, carefully backcomb small sections on the crown at a time, before gathering your hair into a high ponytail and securing with a clear hairband.

3. The half-up, half-down

Using the pointy end of your Tangle Teezer Back-Combing hairbrush, create a deep side-parting, then use the brush to tease the crown section of your hair. Using the pointy end again, section the hair at the tops of your ears and secure into a ponytail with a snag-free elastic. Next, take your Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Round Tool to blowdry random sections of hair, creating loose dishevelled waves as you curl the hair around the brush. Finish the look by using the Tangle Teezer Back-Combing hairbrush to gently backcomb the mid-lengths and ends for added volume.

4. The beach waves, without the beach

Wash your hair as normal, then while it is still wet, use a sea salt hair spray making sure not to overload the roots. Scrunch your hair as you spray to help add shape. Next, dry it with your head dipped downwards, using your fingers to tease your hair at the roots. This will create a great base volume. Take small sections of hair and using your Tangle Teezer Back-Combing Brush, tease them at the root. This will create lots of body and a cool beach-hair vibe.

5. The ’90s supermodel straight

Prep your hair with a nourishing oil before drying with the Tangle Teezer Smoothing blow-drying tool for a really smooth finish. While you want the lengths and ends to be straight, the look isn’t supposed to be flat, so root volume is key. Give your roots some lift by using your back-combing brush at the crown. Complete the look by going over any kinks or waves with your Tangle Teezer Ultimate finishing tool. Just don’t overdo it, as you want to maintain some body.

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