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Fresh, on-trend festival hair styles we love

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Festival season is upon us once more, and – along with a pair of wellies – we’re on the prowl for distinctive hairstyles that radiate low-key party glamour.

We want a look that is fun and original, but also malleable enough to withstand three nights in a tent.

It needs to be low-maintenance but a step above the ordinary.

Here, some of the industry’s celebrated stylists and colourists suggest their ideas to meet the brief.

The glitter crimp

Recommended by Bristol-based stylist Nigit Begum,

When it comes to festival season, I love crimping hair. Crimping is great for all hair types and adds texture and volume to thin fine hair, which helps with styling.  

Section your hair into four partings, then take two centimetres of hair from one section and crimp from the root straight through to the end of the hair. Don’t forget to use a hair-protecting spray.

Follow this through to each section. This will create volume to the root area and add texture to your hair.

If you’re camping at festivals, this style is great and enduring – you won’t need to wash it for a few days.

You can always follow my lead, and add three braids to the side of the hair (above). When the hair is crimped, the braids are tighter to the scalp, which make them last.

Plait the hair right through to the end and add some colour hair bands.

As a finishing touch, make your own glitter gel, mixing glitter with hair gel. I used gold, red, blue and purple shades. Brush the gel through the hair parting and over the hair, to give it that festival look.

The Mohawk braid top knot

Recommended by Suzie McGill, owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston Salon 

This look is a festival hair favourite and it’s super-easy to create.

Start by taking a top section of hair and parting it in two, and then create a Dutch braid along the centre of the hair to the top of the head.

Once the braid has reached the back of the crown, secure it in place with grips and then twist the remainder of the hair around to create a bun, which can be as neat or as messy as you like.

Secure the bun in place with a hair tie and then finish the rest of the hair off by using curling irons to create some curls or waves.

The relaxed bow braid

Recommended by Suzie McGill, owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston Salon 

Braids are always super on-trend for festival season, with French, fishtail and Dutch versions being among the popular hairstyles.

However, this year we will see more relaxed takes on the perennial favourite, and the pretty bow braid is certainly that.

To create this look, start by taking a top section of the left hand side of your hair and with an elastic, secure this into a ponytail.

In the top section that goes into the ponytail, make a hole with your fingers and take the ponytail and put it through and under. Afterwards, pull out some of the top section of the hair to give it a looser effect.

Then, take a section from the top right side of the head and merge this in with the ponytail, and repeat the same process. Continue down to the bottom of the neck and then secure with an elastic to create a ponytail.

Holographic hair

Recommended by Crazy Color ambassador, Paul Callaghan

Festivals are all about colour. Experimenting with bold shades and pretty pastels creates eye-catching and ‘out there’ hair looks that allows you to stand out in the crowd.

Holographic hair is a huge hit for festivals this year, and you can easily create the look at home using the range of 27 semi-permanent hair colours to achieve a show-stopping metallic holographic effect.

These colourful looks are super-easy to create at home.

The dye can be applied all over the hair or to different sections, depending on the look you want to go for. It only needs to be left on for 15-30 minutes before being washing out.

Pair your gorgeous new colour with a half up-do, such as space buns, to create an even edgier look.

Tie dying 

Recommended by Louise Jenkins, creative and education manager, Great Lengths UK and Ireland

With the return of festival season fast approaching, it is becoming clear that this year’s trend is going to be inspired by the throwback fashion of the 70s; tie dying. 

This technique has been advanced to transform everyday hair into a multi-tonal patterned finish, creating a modern day twist.

Great Lengths brand Ambassador Angelo Seminara showcased this perfectly in his new collection, Emotions (above). Using naturally styled hair, he created a vivid tie dyed finish using contrasting tones to create an almost mythical feel.