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Hot festival hair trends of summer 2017: a day by day guide

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With Glastonbury just around the corner and both Latitude and V Festival on the horizon – not to mention a host of other, smaller events – festival season is officially nigh.

But how to rock your hair like a pro and stand out from the crowd this summer?

One of the UK’s leading creatives, Ky Wilson, shares his fresh new looks with Stylist, in an exuberant, glitter-clad shoot that’ll make you want to grab your tent and get partying. 

Hair & Creative Direction: Ky Wilson,
Model & Make-Up Artist: Naomi Lake,
Photographer: Sonny McCartney,
Hair stitching credits: Zoe Irwin and Kirsten Bassett

A lot of my clients are avid festival-goers, performers, DJs, musicians, ravers and misbehavers, so it's my duty to be amid this evolving wackiness and in the know of what the punters will turn up wearing during festival season.

I’ve found most women like to rock the wavy ethereal textured 'undone' hair, with more emphasis on experimental make-up looks.

With this in mind, space buns have travelled down the head to the nape of the neck – almost like they are on their way back down to earth – and glitter is following.

Leaving a sparkling trail down the body and the face, with a focus on the eyes.

Here’s how to plan your days in advance, and keep your hair looking dynamic across all four days of any given festival.

Day one

Start with your hair down and clean with a subtle wave, thrown half up or even with sporadic little braids.

Day Two

Move to ethereal braiding, pulled out and left to hang.

Day three

Create two slick little buns, using the third-day grease in your hair to your advantage.

Get creative with headwear

Day four

Add stitching into your hair creating whatever shape, picture or pattern you desire, stretching it out for a fourth day. Expect lots of Bowie lightening bolts to accessorise.

A tutorial in glitter make-up

By Naomi Lake

Glitter makeup is everywhere these days - and not just for festivals. Here, I've played with a few looks to complement Ky's hair creations, which - even if you're not spending a week away at Glasto, or a long weekend in Marbella – you can play with too for your next night out.

The Glitter 'Tears' A fantastic place to start your foray into sparkle-dom. Added bonus of disguising those tired eyes two days in to your festival haze. With or without eye makeup, this look is flattering and on-trend. Working from the inner corner of the eye, press glitter along the lash line and blend down into the natural contours of your under eye. To finish the look, a tailing point of a 'tear' of glitter is a flattering way to round it up for all face shapes.

Sparkly tip: Here I used a fine mix of glitter from Dust and Dance, as a finer glitter is more comfortable on this delicate area. Make sure you are always using cosmetic glitter and not craft to avoid real tears.

The Glitter Brow... Another fun way to play with placement. Be mindful of the glue you use, opt for a water soluble cosmetic glue rather than latex lash glue which is difficult to remove from hair. Vaseline won't cut it for this one if you want it to last. In our first look I placed a swipe of glitter just under the brow to highlight, it's directly on the brow in this one. You can fake those fuller Cara brows but be sure to keep a nice arch. I also played with colour and created an ombré look along the arch.

Sparkly tip: When it comes to removal, use baby oil on a cotton ball to gently dissolve the glue and easily remove any residue.

The Glitter 'Undercut' Play about with your glitter placement. If you're wearing your hair up, why not leave a trail of glitter behind you? Here I placed large gems from Shine Shack along the hair line, then blended glitter along the neck into the shoulder. I used a more chunky glitter mix, also from Shine Shack, as a larger area needs a larger glitter to really sparkle. As with everything to do with makeup... Blend, blend, blend.. Glitter looks stunning when it trails away gradually.

Sparkly tip: Shine together and have a friend help you for this one... Even without a glass of Prosecco, it's not the easiest to put glitter on the back of your own neck.