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Must-know tips to create the ultimate up-do

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We’ve all shoved some pins in our hair and hoped for the best but there are some really easy tricks to make up-dos look professional. To celebrate 10 years of Tangle Teezer, we have brought together expert tips to create up-dos with finesse...

Stock up your tool kit

You need to have the correct tool to hand. The Tangle Teezer Original Detangling hairbrush banishes tangles, knots and helps to prevent breakage thanks to the unique two-tiered teeth technology – the long teeth detangle while the short teeth smooth the hair cuticle for healthy, glossy hair.

Prep your hair properly

Rule No.1 for putting your hair up: your style will last much better if it’s created on day-old hair. If you have to wash it, ‘dirty’ it up afterwards working in a texturising spray, dry shampoo or thickening spray using the Tangle Teezer Original detangling hairbrush in Purple Glitter to ensure even product distribution.

Blow-dry basics

Aim the air along the hair shaft and focus on those whispy hairs by your ears and face. Use a Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool to make sure each hair strand is pointing in the same direction and then use the Blow-Styling Round Tool to help create volume and lift.

Add some architecture

Pinning your hair on top of your head won’t get you anywhere. The foundation of any style is a solid base to pin into. Rather than relying on grips, use the Ultimate finishing hairbrush to pull hair into a ponytail. The Ultimate finishing hairbrush perfectly smooths hair giving it shine for the ultimate up-to for natural hair or extensions. Bingo.

Curl is key

Perfectly straight hair is hard to work with. A bit of curl using some hair-friendly rollers makes your hair far more liable to stay up. For a luxe-looing bounce, gently use the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Finishing hairbrush to complete your look.

Be true to your style

You don’t need to master a perfect chignon to consider yourself a dab-hand at up-dos. And if you’re a topknot girl, stick to what you know.  Use tools such as the Tangle Teezer Original Detangling hairbrush or the tail comb of the Tangle Teezer Backcombing Hairbrush to change up the personality of a style you love, pull pieces out or to make it sleeker. You don’t feel like you’re trying to be someone else.

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