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Party hair: get your Christmas curls on

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Anna Brech
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Versatile and romantic, curls are a great way of creating va-va voom. Follow our simple tutorials for elegant styles of your own

Want a beautiful ‘do for the party season? Tumbling, tousled curls could be your answer.

A go-to recipe for wedding hair, sleek and voluminous curls create glamour no matter what the occasion.

Below, Bristol-based stylist Nigit Begum shares two standout styles to work your curls like a pro. The loose curls version requires a bit more time, while the up ‘do is a quick fix for those on the move.

Follow her step-by-step guides for fast and fabulous party hair:

Loose and romantic

Step one: wash your hair one day beforehand, for added texture and hold

Step two: add dry shampoo to get some natural volume to your roots, then part your hair into four even sections

Step three: backcomb the roots using this method, then hold the volume in place with hairspray

Step four: starting from the nape of the neck, take one inch of hair at a time, and wrap around the hair tongs hold for a few seconds at a time to create curls

Step five: release the hair from the tongs while it is still warm, then gently pin the curl to the roots using section clips. This helps to keep the curl shape in place

Step six: when the hair has cooled down, lightly spray with a soft-hold hair spray and remove the clips

Step seven: If your curls are too tight, use a small amount of serum and use your fingers to lightly loosen each curl, spraying over to keep the style

Elegant up ‘do

Step one: take a small section of hair one by one and wrap around rollers, holding in place using clips designed for heated rollers

Step two: scatter rollers around your head and leave for one to two hours

Step three: when you are ready, lightly spray the rollers, remove them and let the curls drop

Step four: gently lift one section of hair and grip to the scalp using hair pins

Step five: pin all sections to the back of the head using the same method

Step six: keeping the curl in place gives you a 3D effect. Use a soft or hard-hold hairspray to finish, depending on your hair type

Images: Nigit Begum


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