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Game of Thrones-inspired party styles for long hair

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Anna Brech
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Look to Game of Thrones, and the mighty Daenerys Targaryen, for romantic hair inspiration this Christmas.

On the face of it, Game of Thrones isn’t the most obvious show to look to for party hair inspiration. But, dig a little deeper and you’ll see there’s a subtle symmetry between festive locks and HBO’s smash-hit fantasy epic. 

For one, there’s a wintry and whimsical vibe going on with GoT hair, which frankly, is a great look to rock for Christmas 2017. Secondly, the undisputed hero of the show - warrior and general bad-ass Daenerys Targaryen - is master of a powerful ‘do. Her hair is typically loose, with a feminine motif or two, but no less statement for it.

Here’s how to channel a little Daenerys charm of your own this party season, with three simple tutorials for long hair. Each one captures a romantic feel with just a hint of medieval swagger…

The rose braid

A pretty and not overly-saccharine style that is deceptively easy to create.

1. Divide your hair into two equal parts at the crown and secure the top layer into a ponytail with an elastic band (otherwise known as a queen’s crown)

2. Create a loop above the ponytail and pull the pony up and through it

3. Secure in place with a spritz of hairspray

4. Plait the ponytail and secure at the bottom with another band

5. Gently tease out the right side of each braid so that it is larger than the left. Make sure you keep the size roughly consistent along the right side

6. Take the plait up and around your crown, forming a bun. Loosely pin into position without losing the shape. Tuck the end of the plait into the inner circle of bun. Et voilà: your rose braid

The plait crown

Try this look for a contemporary take on braids that nevertheless feels romantic.

1. Section off the top of your hair around the crown by brushing through and holding in place

2. Loosely plait the section from the fringe to the back of your crown

3. Secure in place with a band, leaving a pony below

4. Using your fingers, twist the full length of hair below the band into a tight coil

5. Pull up and over into a bun

6. Secure in place with grips. Pull out wisps of hair around the plait for a modern and slightly undone finish

The embellished pony

This elegant ‘do takes the pony up a level - yet, you can still have it nailed in under five minutes.

1. Brush out your hair flat and straight

2. Gather into a low ponytail at the nap of your neck

3. Section off about two inches of hair further down the ponytail and secure with a band

4. Make a loop between the two bands and pull the remaining ponytail up and over

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for three loops, or however many your hair length allows

6. Ta da: the embellished pony is yours

Photos: Rex Features and iStock