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The three secrets to your best hair ever

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The Original Tangle Teezer was an absolute life-changer. Suddenly, a brush that made knots and hair-breakage a thing of the past. Well, prepare for your hairstyling to be changed all over again. The clever team behind Tangle Teezer has created brushes for each stage of styling to give you the hair you’ve always dreamt of. Here are the three steps, and brushes, your hair needs.

1. Detangle

Tangle-free hair is the foundation of perfect styling. The range of brushes boasting Tangle Teezer’s two-tiered teeth technology glide through wet hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. With expertly prepped hair, you’re ready to start styling.

2. Blow-styling

You know how when you get a professional blow-dry you leave the salon with glossy, swingy advert hair, but then can never quite achieve the same look at home? Now you can. Tangle Teezer’s blow-drying tools use innovative teeth technology for a free-flowing, quick blow-dry. For a sleek finish, the Smoothing Tool is the one. Or if you want lots of bounce and volume, the Round Tool is your new best friend. For the ultimate healthy blow-dry, use a low temperature on your hairdryer and hold it at a distance away from your hair – this helps to reduce damage and keep your hair in tip-top condition.

3. Finishing

There’s no point nailing all the hard work if you don’t finish in style. Think of finishing as like adding that favourite piece of jewellery that really makes your outfit. Finishing brushes take your style from ‘great’ to ‘dream’. The Ultimate hairbrush has longer teeth with soft tips, which let you create updos and add the last styling touches without losing any volume or shine. The Ultimate hairbrush also works wonders for blending in extension bonds, too.

Now you have absolutely flawless hair, you just need to decide where you’re going to go to show it off.