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Three easy ways to work hot holiday hair for cocktail nights out

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Prepping for a night out is the high point of any holiday, whether you’re heading for an elegant Parisian bistro or cocktails in Ibiza. 

And central to the drama and delight of dressing up is, of course, the task of getting your hair to look fabulous.

“Styling your hair for a cocktail night out can be challenging, but preparation can make it a much easier task,” says Suzie McGill, artistic director and owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston salon

“Starting out with a good base is key. It's important to blow-dry your hair properly, and keep the style you want to achieve in mind while doing so.

“For example, if you want a sleek look, try not to add extra volume and body. It’s best to opt for a messy/undone finish, as it’s easier to style and it will be less obvious if you’ve made any mistakes.”

Check out three holiday styles that will achieve instant glamour, as recommended by some of Britain’s most experienced hair artists, below.

The flirty ponytail

“One of my favourite cocktail night hairstyles is a flirty ponytail,” says Dylan Brittain, international artistic director and owner of Rainbow Room George Square in Glasgow.

“This look is super-easy to create and looks classy and elegant. Make a high ponytail, using a gel or serum on the hair going into the pony, to give it that sleek effect. 

“For more glamour, once you’ve created your ponytail, take a thin section of your longest hair and wrap this around the elastic securing your ponytail together a few times. Secure in place with a grip.”

Nonchalant waves

“I love nonchalant waves for a night out hair do,” says Anya Dellicompagni, director of hairdressing at Francesco Group.

“This is a flat wave that gives the hair a natural texture, without too much texture. It’s super on-trend for 2017. The style is structured, which flatters any face shape and is perfect for a big night out.

“To create the flat wave, blast in a volumizing spray to build up texture. Using irons, take big sections of the hair and pinch in different directions to create a flat S shape. Once applied through the hair, brush through with your fingers to diffuse the texture. For even more glamour, wear this style with a deep side parting.”

The bouncy blow-dry

“A bouncy blow-dry always works really well for events, as you don’t have to worry about any flyaways or hair grips falling loose,” says Andrew Collinge, celebrity hairdresser and owner of Andrew Collinge Hairdressing. 

“Using a blow-dry lotion will give your hair more body and allow it to hold its style better. Once your hair has been blow dried, I would run a curling iron over some sections of it to add more bounce and ensure your style lasts all day. Finish with a mist of hairspray.”

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