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Three steps to beautiful beach hair

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Lazy days on powdery white beaches is one of the undisputed pleasures of a jet-set summer.

But how’s a woman to stay looking chic amid sea breeze and the potential for frizz?

Here, some of Britain’s most creative stylists suggest their go-to ideas for low-maintenance yet luscious locks. 

Check out three classic beach styles, each of which can be perfected in three simple steps:

Beachy waves

Step one: wash, air dry and spray

“Start by using a volumising shampoo and use conditioner sparingly, so the end look isn’t too frizzy or unruly,” says Casey Coleman, salon director at Ocean Hairdressing.

“Once washed, mist a good sea salt spray throughout mid-lengths and ends of your hair,” adds Ashleigh Hodges, creative director at Jamie Stevens Hair.

“Avoid blow drying after shampooing,” advises Ross Charles, of Ross Charles Hairdressing in York. “Allow your hair to air dry, as this will add to the textured and natural finish you want to achieve. Use a salt spray liberally and rake your fingers through your hair to ensure even application and add some body.”  

Step two: braiding

“Twist and braid randomly throughout all your hair,” says Ashleigh. “The bigger the twists and braids, the bigger the texture and waves. For best results, do a combination of large and small braids, but keep larger ones around the front.”

“Either regular plaits or French braids work well,” notes Ross. “Leave your hair tied into braids as long as possible.”

Step three: shake out

“Undo all twists and braids, shake out and mist with some extra sea salt spray,” says Ashleigh.

“When you take the braids out, your hair will be entirely beach ready,” adds Ross.

Messy chignon

“If you are actually spending a day at the beach, it is ideal to have your hair tied up off your face and neck,” says Andrew Collinge, celebrity hairdresser and owner of CO by Andrew Collinge. “The classic chignon with a messy finish is a great beach look.”

Here’s his method:

Step one: dry shampoo

Start with a dry shampoo to add body and make your hair more manageable.

Step two: form the chignon

Gather all your hair into one section and tie in to a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure with a band. Turn the ends of the hair back towards the band and grip into place.

Step three: a relaxed finish

Finish by pulling some strands of hair loose, and run your hands through your hair slightly to give this look a relaxed finish; perfect for days at the beach.

Braids, braids, braids

“Braids were made for beach hair and they look so good with statement sunglasses,” says Philip Bell, artistic director at Ishoka Hair and Beauty.

Here’s how he suggests doing it:

Step one: avoid shampoo

Start by avoiding shampooing your hair that day, as ‘day-two’ hair works best for this look.

Step two: get braiding

Part your hair into two and take large sections of hair into a French braid – you want the finish to be quite messy.

Step three: loosen it up

Once you have secured your hair, use some hairspray to hold it in place, and pull some pieces loose around your face to finish.

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