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Three styling tips for high-impact holiday hair

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When we’re kicking back at a beach bar, Mojito at the ready, fabulous hair is a must-have. And yet, we don’t want to waste precious hours faffing over our locks when there’s sun to be soaked up. 

Here, Jonathan Andrew, artistic director at Jamie Stevens Hair suggests a few easy ways of achieving glossy and radiant ‘dos with a minimum of effort.

Read on to soak up his expert tips and never again tussle with wayward holiday hair...

Smooth down flyaway hair

A great trick for achieving a highly-polished smooth finish is to take away any short flyaway hairs by using a strong-hold hairspray and spraying directly onto a clean blusher brush. By spraying onto a brush rather than directly onto your hair, it takes away the real wetness you can sometimes get, and leaves a dry-hold element behind. Then just paint over the hair in the direction of the style, to smooth and hold any loose hairs.

Hold the shape around your face

Using some hairspray, spray onto the inside of your middle finger then place your finger on the underside of your fringe or parting. Closing your fingers like a scissor, sweep back away from your face. Repeat in the other side. This sticks the hair together on the inside, meaning you can control the whole section without over spraying it and making it look crispy.

Don’t forget to prep

The most common mistake I see when people are trying to achieve great hair, is that they don’t prep enough. Prep will keep a style in place and allow you to mould the hair into shape far more easily. Make sure you have a good base styling product in place. If you’re going for a soft beach look then a salt-infused spray is key when the hair is wet. If you want more hold for an up-do, mousse is a good option to give maximum hold while retaining some texture in your hair.

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