This beauty salon now charges men and women the same price for haircuts

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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As women, we’ve long been forced to shell out more cash than men for even the most basic of items, from clothes and toys to beauty products like razors.

This penalty, appropriately called the pink price tax, means items for women can sometimes cost twice as much as their equivalent for men, with one study revealing the average price hike to be a whopping 37%.

And it’s not just on the high street that women are being penalised for being, well… women. 

Most hairdressers offer price lists based on gender, with women forking out vast sums of money compared to men for everything from a cut and blow dry to a quick lunchtime trim.

So let’s take a moment to appreciate the RoCo Hair Academy in Derry, Ireland, which now offers haircuts priced according to the length of your hair, rather than simply your gender.

“We believe that the common practice of pricing based on men or women is outdated,” salon co-founders Connor Grant and Ronan Stewart told

“Realistically, we have found that the services for a man or woman based on the length of their hair takes the same time, the same practice and the same product.

“Why should a lady with short hair pay any more than a man with short hair? Or, a man with long hair pay less than a woman with long hair?” 

It’s a sensible question - and one we’re glad salons are finally waking up to.

In response, Grant and Stewart have just launched their gender neutral price list offering cut and styling options at two separate price points.

The “extreme short wash, cut and style”, which starts from £20, involves razor or shaving techniques and will cover most men’s haircuts, as well as catering to women with shorter hair. In comparison, the usual wash, cut and style, which starts from £30, takes slightly longer and will cater for most women and men with longer hair styles.

Unsurprisingly, the new price menu has been getting “a lot” of positive feedback from the salon’s customers.

Now, the pair are hoping other salons will follow suit, and start offering fairer prices for haircuts. The gender neutral price list could also help shift the damaging perception that barber shops are for men only, which led to a woman being thrown out of a barbershop last year because of her gender.

“We believe that introducing one generic pricing system will help us to promote a fairness and equality across our salon,” Stewart added.


Images: iStock/RoCo