This budget make-up brush hack is dividing opinion

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Elizabeth Bennett
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A Reddit conversation has revealed an unusual method for keeping your brushes sparkling clean. 

As any skincare expert will tell you, clean brushes are crucial if you want to avoid the spread of bacteria, and keep spots at bay. However, actually cleaning those brushes can feel like quite the chore. While there are a number of devices you can buy that will do the job for you (we’re big fans of the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer), it turns out you don’t actually need to spend a small fortune on a fancy machine - there is a much cheaper alternative already sitting in your kitchen.

According to a user on the popular beauty Reddit thread, Makeup Addiction, the most effective way to clean your tools is in the washing machine.

During a chat about brush maintenance, user SuperiorPeach explained her process for getting her brushes squeaky clean:

“People are going to be horrified by this, but I put my brushes in the washing machine. I pre-soak them in a soapy solution to start the product breaking down, put them in a pillowcase, tie it shut and wash them all at once on a warm/delicate/no spin cycle. They come out spotless and I haven’t had one fall apart yet.”

Although some fellow makeup fans were impressed with Superior Peach’s idea, others questioned how safe it was for their brushes. Her response? Stuffing a few towels in the load to ensure any damage is prevented. And when it came to the issue of brush hairs falling out, Superior Peach called the lost ones purely a result of the process of “natural selection.” Despite her suggestions we wouldn’t risk it with any brand new brushes (especially expensive ones!) or those with wooden handles.

Plus, if you’re concerned about your impact on the environment, this might not be for you. Considering how much water one cycle uses, it’s probably not worth bothering with the washing machine unless you have a very large collection of brushes.

Main image: Samuel Scrimshaw