Three shortcuts to beat the blow-dry heat

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Ava Welsing-Kitcher
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Don’t worry about overheating in the quest for perfectly-dried hair - our tricks and products for getting the best blow dry in the middle of summer will make it a total breeze.

Turning on your hairdryer in the middle of a heatwave seems counter-intuitive: blasting hot air anywhere near your already-overheating body is (almost) enough to make you skip using it altogether. But if you just don’t have the kind of hair that air-dries well, read these tips from award-winning hair stylist Paul Edmonds before you throw your dryer out of the window. 

Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Towel 


“Microfibre towels are great for soaking up water quickly,” says Edmonds. Aquis’s waffle-style towel works especially well on thick or textured hair, and minimises damage compared to a standard terrycloth towel.  

Ecotools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush

£9.99, Superdrug

For a speedier blow-dry, “flip your head upside down, then rough dry your hair using a vented brush for increased airflow,” says Edmonds. Finish with a round brush and a blast of cold air to cool down.  

Shuuemura Art of Hair Wonder Worker


“Spray this moringa-infused hair primer along the mid-lengths and ends before drying, combing it through,” says Edmonds. It will speed up your blow-dry time while hydrating, detangling and taming frizz. A true miracle worker.