Trend On Trial: Is Bora Aksu's 'Hiker's Blush' a flush too much?

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In this week’s Trend On Trial, the Stylist beauty team take the ‘Hiker’s Blush’ into the photo booth. Can they nail the bold look and transform it into a wearable natural flush?

We’ve been diving face first into this season’s refreshing new blush styles. With make-up lines dropping the boldest and brightest shades of coral, pomegranate and crimson, we wonder how wearable these zealous looks actually are in real life. Stylist’s beauty team show you how to rock this intense flushed cheek and tell us exactly what they think.

Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty director says:

Anita’s saving this one for the right occasion

I don’t really wear blush. By the time I’ve done my dark eyes and bold lip every morning, it doesn’t seem necessary. That said, I’ve never considered it as a look in itself. So as I lavishly layer up a multitude of shades, I realise colour on my cheeks lifts my complexion – in a way I didn’t expect. I love how extreme this is, and for the right time it’s definitely cool. But for day-to-day? I’ll pass – I’m way too into a statement lipstick.  

Hanna Ibraheem, Stylist’s beauty writer says:     

Despite initial reservations, Hanna’s hot for pink

I don’t often experiment with blushers: I have a couple that work for my skin tone, but that’s where it ends. So applying layers of hot pink on my cheeks was nothing short of daunting. I blended out the edges until my wrist ached, but I still looked like a child who’d rifled through her mum’s make-up bag. But not all was lost, and when I swept the vibrant pink shade under my lower lash line, I think I found my new favourite look.  

Ava Welsing- Kitcher, Stylist’s junior beauty writer says:

Inflamed cheeks? Ava’s unconvinced

I’m a blusher obsessive, but even this is too much for me. It’s not the placement I don’t like – I think blusher looks the most beautiful when spread across eyelids and down past the apples – but the sheer volume of the stuff. The key to this is to pile on double the amount of blusher you’d typically wear, then add another two layers. I’ve packed it on and just look angry and blistered instead of healthy and impassioned. I’m loving the romantic pink under the eyes, though – it makes a nice break from my usual terracotta, and doesn’t make me look like I’m battling an infection.  


We were hoping for a ‘just ran for the bus flush’ like the Bora Aksu models; instead, we’re feeling like Jigsaw from Saw. It’s not a total horror story, however. Experimenting with pink on the eyes delivered a potential new signature look for some, but others learned that there is such a thing as too much blusher. 

Bronzer would never be this cruel to us.

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