Trend on Trial: will Concept Korea’s half-done lip ever catch on?

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Ava Welsing-Kitcher
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Lipstick one one lip only seems counter-intuitive, but it’s what Concept Korea chose to embody their ‘perfectly imperfect’ them for SS18, so of course we followed suit. But is the trend one to be continued?

When Concept Korea’s models entered the catwalk with ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ emblazoned across their lids and half of a lip, the Stylist beauty team sat up straight and took notice. And perfectly imperfect is the best way to describe this look, with its almost anti-beauty approach in an age of hyper-accentuated (and often over-drawn) lips. But what did the team think?

Anita couldn’t see the point of only painting her lower lip  

Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty director says: 

This pretty much goes against the normal way I’d set about applying my lipstick. I usually like to focus on my upper lip – especially the cupid’s bow – filling in my bottom lip as something of an afterthought, so leaving the top out entirely doesn’t feel right. It should be all out or nothing in my opinion, and this sits uncomfortably in between. It works if you want to channel a nonchalant ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ vibe, but otherwise it just feels a bit pointless to me.

Lucy was fed up of people asking if she’d forgotten to do the other lip  

Lucy Partington, Stylist’s beauty editor says: 

I don’t often wear lipstick because of the constant mirror checks required. Is it on my teeth? Has it somehow migrated onto my cheeks? Who knows! But only applying it on my bottom lip takes away half of that problem, which can only be a good thing. However, the neverending questions about whether I know I’ve forgotten to paint my top lip? Well, that’s a whole other problem, isn’t it?  

It saved Ava some time but that was almost the only thing she liked about it  

Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Stylist’s junior beauty writer says: 

It feels half finished, because it is. When I squint, my lips look normal – but I’d never be able to wear this look in public. I’d be constantly worried people might think I’d simply forgotten about the other half – and I bet nobody would actually bother to tell me. On the plus side, application took half the usual time, although the urge to smack my lips together afterwards was tricky to contain. I’d possibly be up for decorating my cupid’s bow with some glitter if I was going to a festival, but nowhere else.  


With their ‘perfectly imperfect’ eyelid stickers and impossibly cool sunglasses, the Concept Korea models rocked their half-done lips and seriously inspired us to follow suit. Unfortunately, the reality of wearing lipstick on one lip only and not being on a catwalk hit home for us, with nobody eager to wear the look beyond the photobooth. It’s a pass from us. Sorry.  

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