Trend on trial: how to recreate Jason Wu’s black & yellow floating eyeliner

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Trend on trial

The Stylist beauty team put Jason Wu’s striking eyeliner look to the test in this week’s Trend on Trial. Will they fall for the edgy stripes or feel like a bumble bee?

Yellow makeup may sound a step too far for some, let alone drawing it on so far up your eyelid. Luckily for you, Stylist’s beauty team have trialed it so you don’t have to. Yellow eye makeup has been spotted everywhere this summer but this catwalk incarnation is still very much up for debate.

Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s beauty director says:

Trend on Trial

“Normally, I’m one for a batsh*t look. I like the spectacle of fashion week in all its crazy glory. This look, though? It just doesn’t go far enough. It’s actually quite minimal in the scheme of things, slightly weird without going the whole hog – a bit (to use a phrase from 2003) ‘meh’. It was hard to recreate, especially on a lid that isn’t quite as buoyant as it used to be (read: slightly droopy). It’s like a tiny banana stole my normal liner and ran away with it without getting very far at all. A resounding ‘no’ from me.”

Hanna Ibraheem, Stylist’s beauty writer says:

“While I’m always looking for ways to add some excitement to my standard black eyeliner, this may have been a step too far for me. It was incredibly fiddly to recreate and making the two lines look similar on both sides was just too much work. The fact that you place the two lines in your crease didn’t do my hooded eyes any favours either. But if I could move the lines down to my lash line, maybe this could work. Maybe…”

Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Stylist’s junior beauty writer says:

Trend on trial

“Hmm. I kind of like it. At first, I was worried that the yellow wouldn’t show up enough on my similarly undertoned skin, but I quite like how it doesn’t stand out too much. I tried to mimic the half-moon shape of the Jason Wu models, tracing the black line (as a template) before the yellow. At first glance, you might think I’ve just elevated my black liner a centimetre up from its usual spot (which is enough of a statement, in my opinion), but the flash of canary yellow adds an extra something-something.”


We’re pretty divided on this wasp-like look. It’s either too much work, not bold enough, or just sort-of OK. Which doesn’t really inspire a lot of excitement, does it? That’s pretty much how we’re feeling. It ticks this season’s trend boxes (Gen-Z yellow, graphic line, abstract placement), but that doesn’t automatically make it thrilling to wear. And it isn’t worth the risk of incoming Wiz Khalifa jokes…

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